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    New Member question

    You mean that you "could" of kept the MLs if you had gotten rid of the wife?:eek: I can see where you had a real decision to make. hehehe
  2. MarkNewbie

    What is the truth regarding speaker wire?

    I read a great article in (no, not the NY such thing there) one of the audiophile magazines that likened speakerwire to good rubber on a sportscar. That article caused me to start testing different wire on my system and there is a difference in good wire vs low cost spool wire from...
  3. MarkNewbie

    System #85 (Ascent i)

    Hey there Kruppster! Actually Tom threatened me with making me a "Moderator" so I told him that someone else here was thinking of buying Bose speakers and they became a "Moderator" instead. Dodged that bullet!
  4. MarkNewbie

    Breitling vs Rolex vs Omega jumping in again. Geeze, I am gone for a year and they make twich54 a "moderator"? :rocker: Out of the three, the Rolex is without a doubt, the worst time piece. I have my fourth Rolex on my wrist as I type this. As for the manual winding, count your stem turns and use the same amount...
  5. MarkNewbie

    Photography Club!

    Joey! Long time! Glad that you did not go with the D40 or D40X. I have a Nikon D1X with a plethera of high end lenses and a Canon G7 point and shoot so I am a fan of both brands. I actually did business with the folks at Canon and they have a much better marketing strategy then Nikon. (wink)...
  6. MarkNewbie

    Breitling vs Rolex vs Omega

    Sad part about this poll is that I have all three. The worst time piece of the bunch is the one I wear daily. If you own more than one automatic or do not plan on wearing one for an extended period of time, you must buy yourself a watch winder. Unlike many think, it is not to keep the watch...
  7. MarkNewbie

    System #85 (Ascent i)

    Who is this guy and where has he been???
  8. MarkNewbie

    Ovature has been BANNED.

    I started laughing out loud!!
  9. MarkNewbie

    I did a VERY BAD thing!!

    Guys, I know just what you mean about being scared on a bike. I started out in the dirt when I was 13. My Uncle owned a Suzuki dealership in West Virginia so you can guess what I started on. There is not a time that I get on the bike and don't feel that "pang" of fear in my belly. I have seen...
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    Ovature has been BANNED.

    Thats good Steve! Sad but true! Now I have to keep this name! :eek:
  11. MarkNewbie

    I've banned tsd2005

    Boy oh Boy!! After reading this post, it might be another 6 months before I post again! :eek: And Tom, those comments about your hair having that "Not sure if it's a toupee look" were only a joke man!! I SWEAR I WAS KIDDING AND DIDN't MEAN ANYTHING BY IT!!! <cowering in the corner> I promise...
  12. MarkNewbie

    I did a VERY BAD thing!!

    Thank you all for you well wishes! It really is heart warming. Even though we only communicate in this cold electronic medium, I still feel the warmth of your wishes. It is most appreciated. So now we know that the car sold and I am not buying it, right? Well folks...guess what? I had to get...
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    Ovature has been BANNED.

    I remember that guy from before! The question is.... Do you folks remember me???? HIYA!!!
  14. MarkNewbie

    I did a VERY BAD thing!!

    He's back and better then ever! Ok folks, I'm back! As for my daughter leaving the state....the battle is over! She is not moving away! Simply put, I won. The legal battle was more than the Mom's relationship with the boy friend could tolerate. So they have broken up. Sad thing is that he had...
  15. MarkNewbie

    LCD Vs. Plasma

    Had to jump in on this one. I have the 42 inch LCD and have had it for 3 years now. I wanted the plasma at first and I actually do some business with both Pioneer and Sony. Contacts at both companies 3 years ago told me not to buy plasma. Their comments were at the time, that plasma was rushed...