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    ESL15A Break in

    I use one ASC Tube Trap behind each panel. I used to have absorption panels on the wall behind the speakers but these eventually came down. Part of the fun is tuning and experimenting. Good luck!
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    ESL15A Break in

    Placement, placement and more placement. A few inches here or there affect the presentation significantly. Also don't forget tilt. I slipped a hockey puck behind each speaker -huge difference.
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    my new ESL X's

    Congratulations. I am a big fan of the old VTL's. I run VTL MB 250's and feel they complement the stat in a magical way. Sounds like you hit a great combo. Enjoy!
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    ESL15A Break in

    Hi Patounet, I am 2 months into my new ESL 11A's which replaced 20 yo SL3 (new panels 10 yrs ago). I agree with your comments completely regarding bass and midrange presentation. Bass is incredible but mid range vocals are on the dry side, not as lush and palpable. Do not make any...
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    CLX system

    Looks like a window into seriously fun musical reproduction. . Very nice!
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    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    Impressive system evolved over the years yet appreciate certain parts like the equipment rack are irreplaceable. Bravo!
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    Impression 11A in the house

    Overture is a listed authorized Masterpiece dealer on the ML site. I've registered them on the site but hang on to your receipt.
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    Impression 11A in the house

    I saw the information that you posted from Martin Logan re the bass controls. I don't have the ARC equipment yet but hope to do that soon. Thanks Dave. Yes, got them at Overture where I got the SL3. Joe J has always been helpful through the years. Yesterday I stopped by my friend who...
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    Impression 11A in the house

    After 22 wonderful years with the SL3 I am settling in with the 11A. I have about 90 hrs on them. Breaking them in has been interesting. TTOCS review of his experience was helpful and right on. Thin sounding midrange w/ zingers at certain frequencies out of the box. Prodigious bass...
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    New Member

    Congratulations and welcome. Currently breaking in 11A's. Do not be surprised how thin they will sound out of the box. TTOCS has an excellent thread about the experience which is spot on.
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    ML Montis

    Hello Paul, As a member who has been very satisfied with my SL3's for 22 years and now breaking in new ESL 11A's I agree with Roberto's comments completely. The technology has moved forward but retained what makes an ML speaker special. Also you have to take into account an aging panel. I...
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    Hello, just joined

    That is sweet! Looks like fun. All these cars make their own wonderful music. Enjoy
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    How do you know if your panels are going out?

    I have SL3's from 1998 and they just didn't sound right after 10 yrs. Lost it's clarity, detail and just were not doing their thing. Repaneled them 10 yrs ago and back to normal and sound great still. I don't use any DSP so I am sure that complicates the picture as discussed. Don't think I...
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    Hello, just joined

    That is a beautiful Vette! I let a 73 911 Targa go ( huge mistake) which I did several PCA drivers ed events at Pocono IR. Great fun. I learned my lesson-not letting this one go.
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    Jumping in with both feet!

    Welcome Dan, I have a similar journey with SL3's I have had since 1998 with a JL F113. My 11A's arrived last week and have 10 hours on them. They are definitely dry sounding, a bit of glare and muddy bass out of the box but improving. One of our members has a detailed account of his break...