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    Avoiding re-amplification

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful replies. In summary, the best way to go may well be to acquire some Spires, bypass the bass section and hook the slave Lyngdorf amp to the cone itself. The main amp take to the panel section, but do not try to bypass the transformer ! in doing so I would use...
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    Avoiding re-amplification

    A while back I had a pair of Prodigies driven by a pair of big monoblocks and, latterly, Lyngdorf amplification With inbuilt active crossover and room correction provision. No issues there given the Prodigies were passive speakers, even though I could not bypass their analogue crossovers...
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    Summit X plus Lyngdorf TDAI 2170?

    Maybe a bit late to the party but I’ve had two Lyngdorf amps - the tda2200 powering a pair of Prodigies and now rge latest tda3400 running into Quad 2905s the 3400 was a significant improvement and no issues had with either combination.
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    Summits with Lyndorf Amp

    Hmmm. I run a Lyngdorf tdai3400 and sda2175 combo to run my Quad 2905 and Lyngdorf W210 passive woofers with good results ( using room perfect too and the provision of an active crossover is a boon). But the Quads are a little imposing in our 20’ x 13’ lounge. So thinking of something with a...
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    Vista or Vantage (again)

    Summits just too expensive in the UK ! Prodigies were not giving their best in my room - not sure if Summits would be more of the same. Vistas / Vantages hopefully better sizewise.
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    Vista or Vantage (again)

    Just sold my Prodigies as needed something a bit smaller for my 20x13 room (firing across the width). Was thinking of either the Vista or Vantage. As I have two Lyngdorf power amps (200w/ch/8ohm each) I could bi-amp the Vistas (as I did the Prodigies). Or just use one for the stat section of the...
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    Prodigies, 2905s or Finals

    I love my Prodigies, especially after bi-amping, but don't feel I can sit far enough away to give the bass a chance to integrate properly (I'm about 8' away). Trouble is I love panels - I've heard the new Quads (mesmeric 3D ability and naturalness, but still limited at frequency extremes and...
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    Prodigies and active X over

    I'm just about to bi-amp my Prodigies with a second Lyngdorf (Tact) digital amp. Given that these amps have built in DSP sections, enabling me to set crossover points, slopes, Q etc I was wondering whether it was possible to bypass the passive X over in the speaker. From what I've read on the...
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    vantage 220v power boards????

    Hmmmmm Asked the same question of Jim who told me I'd have to wait 6 months before ML would provide replacement boards.
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    What is the truth regarding speaker wire?

    Yep - definitely make a difference and in my experience more so than mains and signal cables. I've tried several with my Prodigies (Van den Hul, Chord, home made Cat 5) but the best yet ??? Bog standard enamelled transformer wire (1.6mm) from Maplins (Tandy / Radioshack will have similar). Cost...
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    Replacement for Prodigies

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Prodigies but as I can only sit about 2.5m away from them at best I don't think it's far enough to get the bottom end to blend with the panels as best as they can. So what to replace them with here in the UK ? Summits are too expensive over here, would Vantages be a...
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    Bi-amping Prodigies

    Thinking about bi-amping with Lyngdorf amps. I currently run the Prodigies from a TDA 2200+ but sometimes find the bottom end a little under-defined (plenty of extension though). Would a second Lyngdorf in horizontal bi-amp mode help ? One issue though is that the matching Lyngdorf power amp...
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    New ML Owner and Loving It

    Amps for MLs Welcome Do try and listen to some of the digital amplification out there too - some of which really does seem to offer 90% of the benefits of valves with none of the drawbacks (and a lot nicer than analogue S/S amps I've heard). I use Lyngdorf (TACT) and it's a match made in...
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    Bi-amping Aerius i

    Bypassing ML crossovers Looks like it might not be straightforward. But with my Lyngdorf amplification, I can play around with more than just frequency cutovers (also handles phase, time delay, polarity, crossover frequency and order etc). Will ML make available the parameters of their...
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    ML & digital amps.

    Lyngdorf 2200 and Prodigies Wow Angled the speakers back a little by placing 1cm thick wooden blocks under the front feet. Imaging now lifted a good 6-9" higher - well worthwhile and just what I wanted. So once I fine tune the positioning and add the spikes I'll take this into account. No...