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    More Feet/Spike Advice

    I think the danger in hearing a difference in isolation feet is after a while all your mind seems to grab on to is that difference. Post #29 (not mine). https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/symposium-acoustics.30333/page-2#post-638934
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    acoustic panels summits

    I have an almost similar situation. I ended up filling my window area with acoustic ceiling panels and foam rubber flooring cut to size and covered it all with 3/4" plywood. Just scrap stuff lying around until I got my pickup truck brakes fixed so I could make trips to Home Depot...
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    Lush ^ V2 USB cable.

    Regarding HDMI, about seven years ago I had an issue with a long run of HDMI from laptop computer to my first flat TV (Plasma). I tried a different and shorter route with same low cost brand and it worked fine. Then last year I read that cheap long run HDMI was notorious for having problems...
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    It’s time to get this right!

    Theory & Practice is kind of like Concept Vs Results in that they may not always match up. In theory a pure line source isn't going radiate up or down, but treat the floor and ceiling of a M/L hybrid and trust your ears. My ears hear a difference, and you might even be able to measure a...
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    It’s time to get this right!

    Your front speakers look a bit close to the side walls, making full range (bass traps) absorbers of first reflection points tricky. Maybe you can slip something like curved diffusers from Acoustic Geometry in there? My advice is opposite of Jonfo's, do the front wall behind the speakers last...
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    More Feet/Spike Advice

    My lastest thoughts on this subject is in two parts. Part-1: Sprung floor, that is to say a wood floor on joists, best to decouple with something that will dampen the energy and not turn the floor into a resonating diaphragm. Part-2: Solid floor, concrete ground slab, couple to it with spikes...
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    Lush ^ V2 USB cable.

    If I'm not mistaken both Bobby Owsinski author of studio mixing and acoustic books, plus the Sound Doctor Barry Ober have made claims about the miles of circuitry and interconnect cable/wire a recording goes through before the customer has access to it. In short, don't sweat that last mile or...
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    Pairing TUBE amplifiers with Motion Series speakers - anyone else ???

    I was under the impression that the Motion series was for motion pictures. The larger stat hybrids for 2-channel and perhaps tubes. I guess if pressed for space the Motion series is as good as any other mini monitor bookshelf speaker - or expect it so.
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    Lush ^ V2 USB cable.

    Interesting that digital cables just like analog cables make a difference and have break-in.
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    Ascent panel issues

    If you take the back panel off to get to the crossover, speaker leads for the panels are screwed into place. Maybe a wire got pulled out? Speaking from the experience of working on the Aerius model.
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    System #546 (SL3)

    One of the local HiFi shops in metro-Detroit represented both those speakers. They are both excellent in their own way. Congrats!
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    Should have done this years ago...

    I'm not familiar with your equipment, but sounds like you are getting a new life experience. And that is cool. Room acoustics is a biggie. Once you discover room acoustics, audio madness will set in for sure.
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    tube amp dust

    I've used an Electrostatic Duster before, those furry/fluffy looking ones. Mine was pink, just broke it because the plastic wand got old. Looks like new ones are blue. https://www.eurow.com/products/eurow-electrostatic-duster-replacement-head If the dust is old and embedded, then yes fingers...
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    Help me improve the acoustics of my Prodigies

    Must be an old video if large box CRT tube TV set enclosures are a consideration. In fact, anything in the front soundstage including audio racks, center channel speakers and subwoofers can compromise 2-channel stereo imaging. The front wall is highly sensitive, one chap would not allow...
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    Roberto's Santana's cover Flor de Luna

    Both tracks sound like romantic movie music. My wife and I love both songs. I looked outside my window at the river and felt like I was in a movie. And this experience was just on my cell phone. Wonderful.