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    CLS panels

    Hello, I have come across a nice pair of CLS’s they are in great shape but the output is greatly reduced. Is there a way to fix them without new panels (about $3000) Thank you.

    my new ESL X's

    Hello all, I received my new ESL X's about a month ago and I am still in the process of breaking them in. I have since then upgraded the power supplies to the new ifi's Power X's, I have installed two pair (biwire) with Wireworlds Equinox 8 speaker wires, and I am waiting on new spike feet for...

    More Feet/Spike Advice

    I ordered 3/8 16 thread size for my X's from DV Oregon, haven't arrived yet

    More Feet/Spike Advice

    I am waiting for my spike feet from Oregon DV to arrive for my ESL X’s

    New ESL X’s

    Hello thank you for the replies, this forum is a great help and I don’t have Roon installed. I have removed the rubber bumpers off the spiked feet and installed the ifi power X’s and I’m in the process of placement of the speakers, also what kind of burn in time should I have for these speakers...

    New ESL X’s

    Hello, I just got my ESL X’s and I would like to know what tips I can do to improve on them. I was thinking spikes for the feet, bi wiring for the speaker wire and I did install a new ifi power X 15 vdc power supply’s. Any tips would be great thank you, Jim

    Room treatment

    Well the inside dimensions are 15'6" by 11'6" with pad and carpet, the room resonance is about 35 hz and I would like to really find a way to reduce the effect in that frequency range as well as other room treatments, first reflection points, diffusors etc.

    Any good media streamers coming out, or just released lately?

    Aurender might be a great choice

    Ipower x for self x speakers

    Hello I would like to know if anyone has used ifi power for there speakers thank you I understand they are 15 vdc

    Room treatment

    Hello, the door is on short wall with equipment on the other short wall, there are no windows and there is an air conditioner on same wall as door.There will be one chair unless I have guest. I would like to know in what order I should install room treatment to get the most effect. My thinking...

    Room treatment

    Hello I have just completed a 12x16x8 foot room for a dedicated 2 channel audio room. I am looking to get either ESL X’s or the 9’s for this room. There are VTL tube amps for power, and both analog and digital sources. I would like to know what and where to apply some acoustic treatment for the...

    room size

    The 12 x 16 is what I am going to go with, thanks

    room size

    Hello, I am fairly new on here and I am looking to have built a tuff shed into an audio room at 200 square feet due to county codes. I can either go 10 feet by 20 feet or 12 feet by 16 feet. I like the length of the first dimension but I like the width of the second dimension, any thoughts. I...