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    Only power the panels when in use?

    My Prodigy’s turn on and of without audio signal is being passes on to them. I have superredskab that it might be cause by some sort of noise or faulty sensing circuit. Any one had the same experience. Btw. there is no sound coming from panels or bas.
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    Soft high-pitch buzz from my Prodigies

    Hi. My prodigy’s are silent too. Where did you source the new panels and other parts, and at what pricetag? Hope you nail the source to the noise.
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    ML Theater I sparepart list?

    Hello My Theater I has now faced shipping damage, and I need to find the tweeter array parts. Does anyone know of a sparepart list for the Theater i? Anyone know the price tag of the parts, and availability. I have ofcause contacted the local importer, but still await reply. :-(
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    PSU for Theater i (aftermarket)

    Looks to be one hell of a PSU, but how do you rate the difference it makes to the sound?
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    PSU for Theater i (aftermarket)

    Thank you very much!
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    I confronted the importer and he had supposedly given me the price of the internal PSU. Correct price is approx. 65$
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    PSU for Theater i (aftermarket)

    I challenged the importer, that it only cost around 35$ He replied that it was the internal part he quoted. He then gave a new quote of 50$
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    PSU for Theater i (aftermarket)

    Hello I am trying to source a PSU for a ML Theater i center speaker. I asked the local importer and got this figure 305,70$!! Crazy figure for that simple a powersupply. Can someone guide me into the powersupply detail: voltage, power, conector size, polarity of connector etc. Link to an...
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    Well the Danish importer wants 275$ for it!!! Could someone support me with an aftermarket one instead? I will not spend that much money for a simple and cheap PSU like that.
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    I have not been able to get a price or delivery date from the Danish ML importer. can anyone guide me to an aftermarket powersupply that I can get until I can get ahold of an original one?
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    Sounds resonable. However I live in Denmark, and I am not sure where to get it. I will have to investigate...
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    I just bought a Theater I that is missing the Power supply. Any one have some info regarding the PSU and size of the Power connector (then maybe I could source an aftermarket one).
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    A Dane and his ML's

    It turned out to be the wires soldered to the panels. They had loosened as the panels had slided a bit down. I repaired both speakers, and it has worked ever since.
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    Distorting panel

    I had the panel wires go loose. It sounded like distortion. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Cinema tin can sound

    Problem solved it seemes. Cleaning did'nt help but got me a bit more output I feel (alot of dust behind tweeter holder removed). After rerunning Audessy feature the bad sound is gone. Don't ask me why.