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    compatability question

    I had the same question about the use of an AVR-3808 with my Vantages and was directed to this response in the FAQ section of the Denon website: Can I use 4 ohm loudspeakers with my Denon receiver or power amplifier? Yes, you certainly can. To understand this a bit better, first realize that...
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    Sanders Sound speaker cables

    Has anyone tried the Sanders Sound speaker cables made specifically for electrostats? What have been your listening impressions? I found several references to these cables in the archives, but didn't find any first hand impressions. Bob R.
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    Pass XA amps and ML Vantages - match?

    woo hoo! I ordered an XA30.5 last week and it arrived on Friday. :D I connected it yesterday morning and let it run all day - left it in standby overnight. My initial impressions - thin and bright for the first couple of hours, which is not surprising. The sound began to open up and flesh...
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    Pass XA amps and ML Vantages - match?

    Thanks for responses everyone. It seems the original generation of the XA amps was designed to an 8 ohm impedance and did not deliver more power into lower impedances. I was told by my dealer that the XA-30.5, nominally 30 watts, actually delivers 66 watts into 8 ohms and doubles that into 4...
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    Pass XA amps and ML Vantages - match?

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience using Pass Labs XA or XA-.5 amps with ML speakers? I am considering either an XA-30.5 or XA-60.5 for use with my Vantages. Wondering about use of relatively low powered amps to drive these efficient but low impedance speakers, sonic attributes, how hot...
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Thanks for replies. I didn't think it was a big deal, medium deal maybe. What bothered me is the dishonesty of it. The way I read the ad, it was clear it intended to convey that the picture was of the actual item when in fact it was not. So I ask this follow-up question. If you bought an...
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    I was looking at an ad for a Primare PRE30 pre-amp on Audiogon this morning when I realized that the picture in the ad was lifted from an ad I had posted earlier in the month for my PRE30. The guy must have downloaded the image file from my ad, cropped it and posted it as his own. :mad: Now I...
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    Levinson's new Pre-amp

    No 326S new? I saw that announcement too (can't find it now :confused: ); it surprised me. Hasn't the No 326S been around for awhile? The press release on Levinson's website that introduces this model is dated Sept 10, 2004. Bob R.
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    Esoteric and Meridian

    Thanks Jeff. That's tempting, but after several large purchases recently, my poor check book is in a coma! ;)
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    Esoteric and Meridian

    Thanks for the response. It's a huge improvement over the Pioneer CD recorder I was using. I guess the next upgrade is an analog pre-amp. Bob R.
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    Esoteric and Meridian

    Esoteric X-03SE Well, I just received my Esoteric CD player today. I decided to go for the X-03SE instead of the SA-60. This thing ways a ton! :eek: And it's beautifully built too. A question for those with Esoteric players; I have read that this cd player requires a long burn-in period...
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    Need help w/ Grotto Sub.....Hum Problem?

    I installed a new amp in my system last night and experienced a ground loop for the first time. I went through all the normal diagnostic techniques, including the cheater plug, which confirmed that it was a ground loop. It turned out that the coax connection from my cable box to my processor...
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    Steley Dan - Aja - 30th Aniversary

    30 years? Has it really been 30 years? I guess it has hasn't it. Time does fly. One of my all time favorite records; I'll have to try it.
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    Old Techics SL-1350

    Old Technics SL-1350 I have an old Technics SL-1350 turntable that needs some service; new head shell and cartridge, new feet, and new dust cover. I'm sure it could stand to be cleaned and lubricated as well. I posted this question on Audiogon, but haven't received any useful replies. Does...
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    Esoteric X-03 SE

    Attention Esoteric experts :bowdown: , does the Esoteric X-03 SE decode SACD in native DSD or does it down-convert to PCM? Thanks. Bob R.