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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Talk about a "man CAVE"! My wife has accused me of being a bat in a prior life. :D I would suggest that In the absence of any light from windows, doors or artificial lighting, i.e., total darkness, you should not be able to distinguish between white or black.
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    Amplifier/Receiver recommendations

    Stereophile, Absolute Sound, etc., used to publish a hardcopy Buyers Guide which had specs for the majority of equipment by product category. Looks like most things they have gone digital... http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/?search=buyers+guide+2019&x=0&y=0...
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    System #238 (Renaissance ESL 15A, Focus ESL C18, Script I, Motion 35XT, Motion 4i)

    I have become somewhat of a "poster child" for PS Audio since buying the original P300 Regenerator. After buying the newer P3 Regenerator for front end components (preamp, DAC, universal player), I repurposed the admittedly overkill P300 to power my CLXs. While I am convinced re the benefit of...
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    can any home receiver power martin logan electrostatic speakers like source

    FWIW, I have owned ML e-stats for over 30 years. I and others have found that the Nelson Pass designs are extremely synergistic with the panel speakers. I have owned Threshold SA3 stereo, SA2 monos, SA1.2 monos, Aleph 2 monos, Aleph 1.2 mono, XA150 monos, and currently am using XA60.8 monos...
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    How do you know if your panels are going out?

    I have been using attachment similar to one pictured below on a Craftsman ShopVac. I brush across the pane and then vertically, front and back. I would NOT poke at the panel tho' ML says panel will still operate if perforated.
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    ESL 15A vs CLX ART+sub ?

    I am very happy with using two of these... <VTF-15H MK2 Subwoofer> FWIW, I am also using a spare Velodyne F1200 sub behind the listening position to provide some ambience information and it has also helped mitigate room nodes.
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    Martin Logan Shower Cleaning PDF

    "Vacuuming only makes (it) worse" may be due to residual electrostatic charge on the panels. Remove power from the speakers and let sit overnight to discharge before vacuuming. If you use a brush, move across the panel without poking. (IIRC, Martin Logan indicates that a hole poked thru the...
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    UPS recommendation

    I use an APC UPS to power the computer music server which feeds my 2-channel system. For the main power to the audio system itself, I have had 2 dedicated 20-amp duplexes with "home runs" to the master panel using 10ga wire. (Yes, my son-in-law swore at me when he did the rewire!) The outlets...
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    speaker wire for summits?

    After owning Magnan Signature (ribbon) speaker cables for years with my Monolith III's, I decided to try other cables with CLX Art's. I have become a fan of Anticables cables starting with the Level 3 and, after hearing significant improvement, then upgraded to the Level 5. While these...
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    Using Regenerated 125V vs typical household line

    A bit confused... I am not talking about using regen power for power amps but for the AC supplied to the CLXs themselves. While YMMV, the experience of myself and others, specifically with Pass amps, is that regen AC causes them to sound less dynamic. I have queried ML about regen AC but...
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    Using Regenerated 125V vs typical household line

    Have a pair of CLX Art but question may be applicable to all electrostatic speakers (design permitting). Just read in article on PS Audio AC regenerators wherein it was recommended to operate speakers with 125V supply versus whatever is coming out of wall. It WAS suggested that speaker...
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    CLX Art Impedance Curve

    ...or speaker cable. Yeah I know wire is wire! ;-)
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    CLX Art Impedance Curve

    Thanks, Rich...that's great and pretty good article. The curve I found was from a HiFi World review of the CLX and not very resolving. FWIW, I am using XA60.8 amps with my CLXs. Mr. Pass suggested I use a pair of 0.22uf / 10 Ohm networks on my stats even tho' historical issues with previous...
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    CLX Art Impedance Curve

    I have seen the rather low resolution graph of CLX Art impedance from the HiFi review article some time ago. Is there a more precise graph available? Happy New Year to all those who traffic this website!
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    Martin Logan and Pass Labs

    Interesting that sub has fixed xover point. Not heard of that before. Sounds like it is giving you the sound you want so that is great. We all need to pick our preference. Glad you talked to Mark and he made rec. IMHO, any PASS amp should work synergistically with M-L. Not going to put...