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  1. Anthony A.

    System #12 (reQuest, Aerius i, Theater i, Descent)

    hey have you done a comparison for sd dvds using the xa2 upscaling versus the denon avp?
  2. Anthony A.

    Blue Circle Power Cables

    if you want additional info, i would email gilbert from blue circle and see what he has to say about them. he has been using ml speakers since day one and designs all his electronics around them. he made these cables specifically for the electrostats and they are leaps and bounds better than...
  3. Anthony A.

    Tube amps for Summit!

    it just may be that you need a really good tubr preamp in your system to give you that tube magic. i think you are using a meridian ss right now? in any case, the pass coupled with a very good tube amp with some rare nos tubes may do the trick. imo, nothing beats solid ss amp performance, and...
  4. Anthony A.

    spikes- are there major differences?

    am i mistaken, but i thought that by using spikes, you couple the speaker to the floor, whereas by using something like rubber, it is a decoupler. am i wrong here?
  5. Anthony A.

    spikes- are there major differences?

    there are quite a few who prefer the speakers decoupled from the floor. this is the exact opposite of what spikes do. have you ever tried decoupling? im in the process of determining which would be better.
  6. Anthony A.

    Another Theta bites the dust!

    have you compared the plinius with pass labs? im curious how they would go head to head. i have never heard a plinius only positive comments all the time.
  7. Anthony A.

    Summit vs. Prodigy / Ascent i vs. Vista

    i just compared my ascent i to the vista and sorry, it was no comparison. the bass on the vista was terrible. i thought that the ascent i (that i own) were much smoother and the bass was leaps and bounds better (even though i think they are lacking). in any case, the vista is no doubt a...
  8. Anthony A.

    Auditioned the New ARC LS-26 !!

    i think the ls25 has been discontinued for the ls26. perhaps a dealer may have a few left or demo units, but the msrp between the two i think was like a $500 difference. i would like to hear some comparisons/remarks as well for this unit.
  9. Anthony A.

    Auditioned the New ARC LS-26 !!

    dave, could you expand more on the ls26. i recently heard one at the dealer and thought it sounded superb. i tried a few other pre's but i think im gonna pull the trigger on an arc pre. my question (if you have experience with this), have you compared the ref 1 or 2 mk1 that uses 6922 tubes...
  10. Anthony A.

    STAGE!!! is up on Martin Logan website!!!

    lets stick to the title of the thread everyone..... its about the stage, not people's egos.
  11. Anthony A.

    Ascent i Cabinet Replacement

    i think your best bet would be to email jim powers from ml directly as he will be the most experienced with that kind of job and provide you with all the details you will need.
  12. Anthony A.

    "Theta Digital - Casablanca III"

    if i had the funds, i would go for the theta. i think it matters most for 2 channel, but for ht, i believe the anthem is "good enough". having said that, if you have the funds for the theta, it is significantly better if you get the superior ii dacs.
  13. Anthony A.

    Stage information

    can you share the pic yet???????????
  14. Anthony A.

    System #114 (Summit)

    nice indeed. how do you like the arc ls16? im looking for a new preamp right now and haven't decided although the ls16 and 25 are in my mind. any info?
  15. Anthony A.

    New Summits

    oh yeah, i know them. i got mine from audio excellence in richmond hill. i think they used to be a franchise but no longer are together. enjoy the speakers...... what is the rest of your setup?