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    Grammar on the forum

    I don't under'stand why you guy's are 'so 'sen'sitive about thi's 'situation. I'snt the rule that apo'strophy's alway's go before the "'S?" BTW - This common error bugs the hell out of me. I've seen it in hundreds of posts on this forum. (Former teacher - sorry!)
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    Power Amplifier Upgrade - ARC Ref 210 vs Krell Evo 402e

    I'll post the same response here as I gave you on the TAS board. I'm not convinced that tubes are the way to go for a Summit system. I had Summits amplified by an ARC Ref 110. The high frequency impedance of that speaker is extremely low. Most tube amps probably do not have the grunt to...
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    Hey fellas.... I got married!!!

    Joey - All the best! Seth
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    ARC and ML CLS?

    Many years ago, I used a Classic 60 with Sequel IIs. It was underpowered. A VT100 MIII made a very large difference, when substituted.
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    Bossa Nova Collection

    Laurindo Almeida is an excellent South American guitarist. Although he plays mostly jazz, his classical guitar pieces are also extremely emotionally involving. I'd recommend both. I'm not sure about the current availability of his work on new vinyl, but a lot of it is available used.
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    The ARC REF 2 Phono is here!

    Mine is at my dealer, ready to be delivered!
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    Audio Research 40th Anniversary Reference Line Stage Preamp

    FWIW - I have an SME 10 tt with series V tonearm. Cart is Benz LPS. Installed cart just recently. Was able to trade a Koetsu Sky Blue for the Benz and got a really good deal. So far I really like the cart. (One question: though it's not broken-in yet, on very loud vocal passages there is a...
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    Audio Research 40th Anniversary Reference Line Stage Preamp

    Jeff - My dealer just called with the word that because of new production, he can get me a REF phono2 - brand new (with the trade of my PH7) for about 7+ grand. What do you think?
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    Jim Power is RETIRING!

    I've been considering a new pair of speakers to replace my original Summits. On my short list were: CLX, Wilson Sasha and Sophia, Nola Metro. After reading about the ML debacle, I just ordered a pair of Nola Metros. I've owned 3 pairs of ML's (Sequel II, Ascent i and Summit) as my main...
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    ML Production moving

    Rich - I have a small, second set-up in my living room. It consists of diy Dynaco amps and a grounded-grid preamp. I've used 3 sets of speakers in this system. The first set was a modified pair of Rat-Shack Linnaeum tweeter bookshelfs. For very little money, they sounded adaquate. The...
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    ML Production moving

    I, for one, have always valued a company's reputation in the marketplace. To me, that has a great deal to do with brand loyalty. If a product works as advertised and one has a positive experience with it, I (and others) have a tendency to purchase from the same manufacturer again. Two rather...
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    ML Production moving

    Comment from older members? I've been here from the very beginning. Here's mine: I find this situation troubling. I had very seriously considered the purchase of a new pair of CLX's, but I now have doubts. I envision a situation in which ML and Paradigm become a merged unity with a...
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    CLX's @ Overture......soon..very soon !!

    Dave - If you wish, you can tell the Overture folks that due to their refusal to commit to a firm date on this one, they may have lost a possible sale. My local ML dealer went out of business about a year ago, but another nearby dealer has taken in the line. I intend to listen to the CLX at...
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    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniv concert on HBO

    I was there on Thursday of the two-day event. There was much material that was cut from the HBO edit. I wonder if somebody has the rights to release the recorded material? That would make one helluva vinyl box set!
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    CLX's @ Overture......soon..very soon !!

    Interesting - The latest issue of TAS has an Overture ad for a McIntosh day and and also an ad (from Overture) for the CLX. Alas, no mention of a CLX or Summit X day.