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Thread: Neil Larsen - Orbit

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    Default Neil Larsen - Orbit

    ARTIST: Neil Larsen

    Title: Orbit

    Label: StraightAhead Records

    Year: 2007

    Genere: Jazz/Fusion/Funk

    Neil Larsen: piano, organ
    Robben Ford: guitar
    Jimmy Haslip: bass
    Tom Brechtlein: drums
    Gary Meek: saxophone
    Lee Thornberg: trumpet

    Picked this up because I was into the Larsen/Feiten Band from the mid 70's kinda like Steely Dan with an LA Vibe. I picked it up after hearing some clips on (For all your Jazz and Fusion needs!) The first thing I noticed was the sound quality of the recording and then I saw the CD was Green not Silver??!! Turns out Straight Ahead Records focuses on Hi Fidelity Recordings using their "all live proprietary recording equipment"

    You can download a song sampler fron the StraightAhead website

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    This is one of my favorite albums, period! I have it on vinyl and it has glorious sound quality and the music just blows me away. Great choice, drmrsdad!
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