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Thread: Jacksons (The)- Triumph

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    Default Jacksons (The)- Triumph

    Artist: The Jacksons

    Title: Triumph

    Year of Release: 1980

    Record Label: Epic

    Genre: R&B


    With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, I have been listening to a lot of Jackson 5/Jacksons/Michael Jackson music the past few days. Whatever your opinion of how he conducted his life, he was not convicted of any crime and I will proceed with that in mind.

    This album is my favorite of all the Jackson 5/Jacksons' work. Even though it went platinum, I think it suffered in terms of critical recognition because it was released less than a year after Michael's Off the Wall. It is the second album they did as a group for Epic Records, who gave them much more artistic freedom than they had with Motown or fellow CBS division Philadelphia International. It definitely shows on this album, which is a true collaboration among the brothers. The brothers produced this album, and all the brothers, with the exception of Marlon, wrote or co-wrote several songs.

    My favorite tracks:

    2) Lovely One (written by Michael and Randy)- A hard driving, funky tune that reminds many of Michael's Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.

    5) Heartbreak Hotel (written by Michael) [called This Place Hotel on CD releases]- Definitely not a remake of the Elvis classic (hence, the title change). Probably the best-known single from the album, and for good reason. Nice driving beat, Michael's versatile vocals, and great background harmony. Check out Tito's guitar solo on this one.

    6) Time Waits For No One (written by Jackie and Randy)- Michael's lead vocals sound especially nice through MLs on this ballad.

    7) Walk Right Now (written by Jackie, Michael, and Randy)- Another tune where they bring the funk.

    8) Give It Up (written by Michael and Randy)- Marlon shares lead vocals with Michael on this one. Definitely a classic "album R&B" tune.
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    I fully agree...........I can recall when this one was originally released, brings me back to my great teen years...........very well recorded also.
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