Wow, it's almost here, our chance to hear some great stuff! I wanted to put out some of the things I'm interested in to see who else might also share my interests. That way we can tag along together and be able to discuss what we see and hear!

My current primary interest is in DACs. I'm really interested to hear differences amongst them--where possible and practical--and differences between good external DACs vs. those of a CD or DVD/CD player.

Also, I'm very interested in the idea of a music server. To prototype the idea, I've started to rip my CD collection to itunes on my laptop, which was recently upgraded to use a SSD. I bought the Apple Airport Express and have been streaming music from my office to my living room with surprisingly good fidelity!

Since I've only recently bought my Spires, listening to speakers--at least with the intention of buying--is not really a priority. However, I would be interested in listening to Spires and other ML speakers and other brands for comparison sakes. I think you all can appreciate that after months of deliberating and finally making a decision to plunk down some serious cash on a great set of speakers, the last thing you want to do is undermine that. Acoustic issues/solutions are also of interest to me.

I'm an all digital guy, even though I still own vinyl and a B&O 4004 TT which is in retirement, so I would also be happy to listen to some vinyl.

I'm getting in Thursday evening and leaving Sunday morning. So I'm looking to fully utilize all of Friday and Saturday to check things out in order of priority, lest I run out of time.

For anybody who is also getting in on Thursday, and would like to have a late dinner or drink at the hotel, please pm me. I'm staying at the Marriott itself.