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Thread: Monolith III for sale locally-1000$Buy them?

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    Default Monolith III for sale locally-1000$Buy them?

    I am sending a query to Monolith III owners.I know that the owner has them connected to the AC all the time.The speakers were made in November 1990.Are the Monolith IIIs a reliable speaker?
    I currently run CLSs that have had the panels replaced 5 years ago.
    Will the monoliths be an improvement?

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    For $1K, i'd be tempted to buy them just to have the opportunity to listen to them with your own gear.

    Then you could compare against your CLS and decide for yourself. You can surely turn around and sell them for more than what you bought them for - especially if you have the boxes or can get boxes/crates for them.

    just a thought...
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    I have the Monolith III and I have had no issues with them (Mine are built in 1993). Just know that new panels will now cost you $1,400.00. Also make sure these come with the crossover.

    $1K for Monolith III is a very good price.

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    Great price, but very likely in need of new panels, so budget for that.

    I also have a spare set of passive crossovers for Monolith III's. So if they are mising them (saw a set on ebay that sans crossovers), I can help you out there.

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    many thanks for the offer.after receiving the serial nos. it turned out that these are Monolith Is and not IIIs,so I decided to pass.Will make do with my ancient CLSs,which still make great music.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

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