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Thread: Thorens 125 Years (1883-2008)

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    Default Thorens 125 Years (1883-2008)

    ARTIST - Multiple
    TITLE - Thorens 125 Years(complulation LP)
    YEAR RELEASE - 2008
    RECORD LABEL - Thorens / Blue Heaven studio
    GENRE - Multiple

    You know I never thought I would buy a 'compulation' alblum.....but I did !
    This alblum (3 Lp's, 180 gram pressing) while not an engaging piece of work that only can be gotten by a complete artists full LP rendering is nevertheless very good.

    I think it's fair to say that more than once we have had friends over that wanted a 'demonstration of our system', you then in turn ask..... "what's your favorite genre ?", proceed to find something they will like, put it on and then after one cut it's......"how about this artist or that" ! Well you get my drift. This alblum accomplishes all that and then some. Superb offerings in various genre's (see link below for complete listing) all done through the guiding hands of our friend Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds / Blue Heaven studio.

    Worth noting is in the Classical section, Stravinsky's finale of 'The Firebird Suite' showcases how good analog can be, even on my "yet to be fully run-in Spire's !" , on the Jazz side Chet Baker's 'September Song' is also very well done.

    All-in-all a "fun" alblum that actually flows from one genre to another rather well, the 10% savings from Elusive disc was another bonus !
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    I second this. this was a good purchase track 2 on side 5 "alternate blues" so smooth the shaft theme was also a nice touch it kind of and ice breaker perhaps. this disc is good listening
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