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Thread: New CLX Owner

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    Sorry for delay but I just saw your inquiry on the Anthem. In short, the Anthem performed very well for me on the theater front. Keep in mind I only used it for theater and the EVO 202 for 2-channel. For theater it did a very nice job in the form of sonics and video and played well with the CLX's, Decent i's and Stage surrounds.

    If you saw my recent note, I ended up selling the Anthem and moving to the EVO 707 to double duty as 2-channel and theater. As good as the Anthem was the EVO 707 blows it away in every aspect (as it should given the price...). For me it was worth the move up but by no means was the Anthem a slouch and I think its a great place to start. I would look online for used units as you can get some great deals. You should also look for the V2 version which I heard is slightly better than V1 which I had.

    Good luck.


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    I've wanted to hear to hear these (actually before the ACT, referring here to Frank Chang's devices) in my own room, away from the crowds who seem to be able to be swayed a bit too easily.

    FWIW - I've sat with Srajan listening, just he and I, on several occasions. He's a good listener. So this is especially interesting to me.

    Does anyone know if the Synergistic ACT is exactly the same as Frank Chang's devices that Srajan & Marja & Henk like?

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