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Thread: Room treatments – part 2

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    Default Room treatments – part 2

    In our first go-around on acoustic treatments, we discovered that the importance of several items:

    Room acoustics are one of the more important aspects in audio system performance

    Bass modes require significant amounts of trapping to have big impacts
    There is almost no such thing as too much room treatment, Bass is very hard to manage and ML’s generate a ton of high-frequency energy as well.

    Taming High-Frequency modes, especially side wall reflections is important.

    As a result of the first round, I saw tremendous improvements in performance and actually reduced the number of electronic corrections required to compensate for room issues.

    The sound of the room was noticeably ‘quieter’ and the bass booms were largely gone after the 25 RealTraps products were added to the room.

    However, I knew that would not be the end of the line in achieving excellence in this room, as the entire side walls were basically untreated, with just some RPG pro-foam lining the walls in the front, and some Auralex panels along the rear parts of the side walls. The mid-bass and bass performance of these elements was sub-par, so I knew I’d have to remove them and do something better.

    But the side walls are one of the most visible elements in a room, and having basic black rectangles hanging off them was not attractive, even to a function over form guy like me (hey, I do have some taste ).

    Therefore, while performance was paramount, I also wanted something that would improve the aesthetics of the room as well.

    Part of that non-functional look was a reinforcement of the theme embodied in the XStatic name of my theater, which of course features MartinLogan speakers. And as we all know on this forum, one of the distinguishing features of the ML’s are their large ESL panels, and since I had just finished repaneling my Monoliths and an SL3, I had some ‘left-over’ panels I could use in the dιcor efforts.

    Therefore, I decided that the front 13.5’ of my front walls would be covered in a combination of acoustic treatment / decorative feature that supports the ML theme.

    To remove any further suspense, here is the final result of that design.
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