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Thread: The first Four AP/Blue Note Reissues

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    Default The first Four AP/Blue Note Reissues

    Dexter Gordon—Dexter Calling AP 84083
    Jackie McLean—Capuchin Swing AP 84038
    Lee Morgan—Lee-way AP 84034
    Kenny Dorham—Whistle Stop AP 84063

    45 rpm Analogue Productions reissues of selected Blue Note Recordings

    Jazz: Bop and Hard Bop

    Originally released on the Blue Note label in the late 1950s through the early 1960s, these titles represent the first four of twenty-five reissues of selected Blue Notes by Analogue Productions through out 2008 and 2009. All of these reissues are cut at 45rpm and utilize four sides per release. All of the releases are in stereo as opposed to mono (see the Acoustic Sounds website Acoustic Sounds Blue Note for an in depth discussion as to why).

    The preliminaries are that the albums are for the most part perfect in terms of pressings with nice 180 gram vinyl, surfaces that are nice and flat, save the Lee Morgan which was mildly warped but played fine regardless (Acoustic Sounds replaced both discs promptly and with no hassles), and superbly quiet surfaces. Packaging is nice but isn’t as luxurious as the Music Matters reissues. Each album will set you back a cool $50.00.

    Musically these albums are extraordinary. If you are a lover of the Bop sound than these are albums you need to own. These reissues are a fine example of technology in the service of the music. The emotional communication of the artists’ almost leaps out of the speakers at the listener. The uptempo numbers swing and the ballads move you. I can’t compare the reissues to the originals, but the originals are prohibitively expensive. Originals of Dexter Calling are selling for upwards of $300.00 on E-Bay (ouch!).

    I find myself listening to these albums very regularly and just becoming immersed in the music. The sound of the horns, Gordon’s and Dorham's saxes and Morgan’s trumpet specifically ARE INCREDIBLY LIFE-LIKE McLean is better than average, drums, bass, and piano are likewise quite realistic sounding. The imaging is that right/left style that was common in that era but you won’t notice; the music will have your complete attention from the opening track to the final cut.

    Each of these albums is strong both musically and sonically. Clearly I’m a believer and I highly recommend these albums for anyone who loves jazz. For those of you w/o TTs these are being released on SACD
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    Risabet, for some reason I missed this post when you originally composed it. I'm very excited about your review as I've just ordered the set myself. Can't wait to get them spinning! I'll add my comments here when I get a chance to hear them for myself.

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