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Thread: Aerius tweeks

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    I live in Houston Tx. I am interested in doing some of the modifications listed here, but do not feel confident enough to try them myself. Has anyone found an electronics store that would do mods on speakers? I have the Aerious i's and they are approximately 6 yrs old.


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    If you have done some soldering before, just DIY. It's simple enough. You can get the caps by mail order. Getting the back-plate off may be more tricky. I removed the iec inlet and inserted a metal rod attached to a rope and then pull them out.

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    Have anyone change the air core inductors with a better one like this: MUNDORF CFC 16 CU-FOLIENSPULE there shut be a lot to gaine in bas and mittel.

    Regarts Tonny

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    This thread also inspired me to do some modding on my Aeriuses.
    The things I set out to do were;

    1. Soldering all wires in the cross-type junctions with silver solder.
    2. Replace a resistor to make the auto-on feature more sensitive to my Class-D amps input.
    3. Upgrade all ESL-caps and bypass the woofer Caps.

    After some investigation I found some High quality Caps for a reasonable price..
    The upgrade for both speakers cost me about 140 Euro's, which is quite cheap considering the quality of the caps.

    Because the dutch distributor of this specific capacitor brand (Clarity Cap) only started his business recently, and had no stock yet.. it took some time to get them to be delivered...
    But they finally arrived this weekend and I could start the mods..

    I've included a nude shot of the capacitors without their wrapping.
    Per channel I got a 33uF, 10uf and 22uf cap for the ESL circuit and two 1uF's to function as a bypass for the woofer caps.

    It took some effort to open the back plate, but with the help of Tube60 and jhorowitz128 I overcame this problem (see thread 'Aerius back panel' in the discussion forum)

    Because these caps are significantly larger then the standard caps (see pic), it is impossible to mount them in the same place.
    Therefore I glued them on the base board with some hot glue, after I soldered some nice pieces OFC monster cable ( approx 30 cm) to the leads
    The other end was soldered in place.
    Then I soldered the bypass-caps (1uF) in parallel with the woofer caps.
    A total view of the result is included..

    After this I replaced R15 (printed on board) which is a 499K resistor with a 1 Meg resistor to get the auto-on to trigger sooner. I anyone wants to know more about this , just let me know..

    After 3 hours of soldering I was finished and is was time to put them to the test..

    Eventhough they weren't burned in yet, the improvements where clear instantly.
    The main improvments where: deeper soundstage, some harshness in the mids-highs had completely disappeared and the focus of the individual vocals and instruments was now more precise and smoother.

    The bypass caps at the woofer circuit seem to have the effect of a more controlled presentation of the mid-lows; a overpronouncation of the 200 Hz region I earlier accounted to the acoustics of my room has now largely disappeared.

    I also feel that this mod was worth the money....
    If anyone wants more info just let me know.

    Now back to the music
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    Default Aerius Crossover

    I ordered the caps to upgrade my Crossovers. My Aerius are 1995 models, according to the serial numbers, but my crossovers have a different layout and capacitor values are different. Because of these changes, I was not able to use the 33uf, instead I need to get a 15uf.

    I used Dayton 1% audio grade caps as well as Jantzen 5% audio grade caps for the upgrade. I have used these caps many times in the past for crossover upgrades, and have found both to be excellent as compared to sonicaps and auricaps, at a percentage of the price.
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    Although my upgrades are not yet complete, because I need to replace the 15uf caps, I did what I could and reassembled the speakers.

    The test, To be honest, I would not have noticed a difference just listeneing, but the fact that the ultra low level hum I had was incredibly coherant after the upgrade is definatly a sign that a difference has been made. I was now able to trace the ground loop hum down to a bad ground on my preamp.

    I am now truly convinced that the cap replacement is a legitimate upgrade, and would reccomend it without hesitation.

    Thanks, DH
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    Today I also did the capacitor upgrade mod on both my front Aeriuses. I bough some ClarityCaps (2x 10 and 2x 33uF SA's and 2x 22uF ESA because the SA version was not available for 22uF).

    I still determining if and how much the difference is. I think there is some but not really significant...


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    Hi out there,

    I am new here on the ML Forum and I am the happy owner of a set of 1993 ML Aerius LS.
    I can see that it is along time ago that someone wrote comments to Aerius tweeks on the forum and I would be very happy if some of you experiences ML owners would give me some advise on possible X-over tweeks (cap change).

    In the low pass there is two serial caps 470uF + 100uF both ELCOs. I reallz do wonder if it makes a major change to change especially the big 470uF ELCO to a MKP.
    First of all large MKPs are quite expensive and secondly they are quite large. I am thinking of swapping the low pass "suction filter" with one bipolar 560 uF Audio grade Elco and add a high quality 10uF MKP to get the 570uF and by-pass them with a MKP silver cap with 0,1uF.

    There is also a 80uF parallel bi-polar cap which I will change to a MKP with the same value.

    Does that make sence?

    In the high pass filter where now are one 22uF bi-polar Elco and a 10uF MKP I am thinking of changing them with one 22uF audio MKP and a 10uF audio MKP plus by-passing them with one 0,1uF MKP silver cap.

    There is also a 15uF parallel bi-polar cap which I will change to a MKP with the same value.

    What is your experience?

    I would be very happy to get as many comments and opinions as possible.
    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


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