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Thread: Hi, finally got my first ML

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    Default Hi, finally got my first ML

    I have always been an audiophile that been on a limited budget. Always been a great fan of Martin Logan. Just never had the budget to make the jump. Finally found a set of Aerius i that I couldn't pass up on. I did some google search and found this site. Great site with a lot of good info. I always been a big fan of tube sound. It matches nicely with the type of music I usually listen to. (Classical, Jazz, Opera, etc.)

    My current setup is
    Jolida 302b Integrated
    Aerius i (Replacing the Minipod)
    Nakamichi CD-4
    DIY interconnects & speaker wires.

    My next step is to move to a tube Pre-amp/tube amp separate. The current 302b is a little underpower. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get to my dream system. Mcintosh MC2120 with a Mcintosh C2200.

    Any recommendation of what I do to improve sound in the mean time with my setup?

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    Welcome aboard Beef. Glad to hear you finally hooked up with some ML's.
    There is a lot of great information here. If you ask people will give their suggestions.

    Enjoy the Aerius i's for a while before jumping to your next upgrade.

    I am not familiar with the 302b but Jolida makes some very nice gear. I am sure it sounds good.


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    Welcome, since your a DIY guy one area that is a very good cost effective improvement / gain is room acoustics. There is some very good dialouge ongoing here on the forum from the like s of Jonfo, DTB300, Rich and others.

    FWIW, I too have a 302-B on a secondary system in my home and love that little integrated, I do agree though that it would not like to be pushed to hard with your present set-up.

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    thanks for the warm welcome. I have been reading and will starting to apply some of the DIY and tweaks.

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