As they say, timing is everything, and in audio, it’s critical.

After having finished the install and baseline tuning of the new acoustic treatments, I spent last weekend re-tuning timing and EQ.

I’ll cover the details of why timing is important, and how I tuned my setup in this thread.

First, as I’ve noted several times, (and many a company has built their designs on) the goal of any speaker system is to deliver a cohesive, time-aligned wavefront to the listener at all frequencies. And while it’s important for speakers, it’s just as important for ALL speakers in the room to have correct temporal alignment. Otherwise, the soundfield will not be unified, frequency balance is impacted and sound localization destroyed.

In a well-tuned system, playing well-mastered multichannel audio (any Porcupine Tree DVD-A qualifies), the sounds move smoothly across the speakers and the room without ‘breaks’ or discontinuities in frequency, gain or timing.

BTW- listening to PT’s ‘In Absentia’ right now, and I can hardly write, as it keeps drawing me into the most enveloping and engaging mix. Steve Wilson is superb mixing engineer as well as an awesome musician.