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Thread: Placement options – Impacts of location, orientation and treatments

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    Default Placement options – Impacts of location, orientation and treatments

    We all know that placement has huge effect on the sound of our speakers. Along with the general room layout and treatment, where we put the speaker is vital to the perceived sound and its quality.

    During my SL3XC build, I documented some of the effects of placement and treatment of the wall behind the speaker. So today, I decided to expand on that using the left-over SL3 from my center build.

    So here goes a series of posts on placement, with supporting measurements.

    First, the context. A pic of my SL3, the measurement mic, the VOM and the Variac (variable AC voltage device) used to update results on the panel Voltage vs frequency / SPL thread.

    The laptop is used to do Windows Remote Desktop to the Automation PC in the equipment room; it has the microphone amp, and other Audio I/O for measurements (an M-Audio FireWire 410). I use the latest R+D (essentially ETF v6, from
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    System #45 (Monolith IIIx, Sequell IIb, SL3XC)

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