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Thread: Miller & Kreisel (M&K) R.I.P.?

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    Default Miller & Kreisel (M&K) R.I.P.?

    Miller & Kreisel , M&K............are they out of business for good?

    The news is about a year old, has anyone heard anything?

    I just read this:
    Miller & Kreisel Has Officially Closed, Feb. 22, 2007
    It is quite sad to see such great company go under.
    Main Story:
    M&K Closes Shop after 34 Years
    Manufacturer was influential in the satellite-subwoofer movement.
    By Julie Jacobson
    02.25.2007 — Loudspeaker and subwoofer manufacturer M&K (Miller & Kreisel) has closed shop as of Thurs., Feb. 22, according to the company’s Web site. On the site, co-founder and CEO Ken Kreisel (pictured) invites people to contact him directly regarding his decision to close the M&K factory in Chatsworth, Calif.

    M&K was founded 34 years ago by Kreisel and Jonas Miller of Jonas Miller Sounds, a high-end Beverly Hills retailer where Kreisel had worked parttime.

    Kreisel credits M&K for introducing "first world’s modern day satellite-subwoofer speaker system" in 1976, according to a bio of the CEO. Today, the bio continues, "virtually all home theater systems are based on this satellite-subwoofer design."

    According to the bio, M&K was "a pioneer in direct-to-disc and digital recordings, and in 1982 M&K’s RealTime Records division became the first U.S. record company to release compact discs (CDs)."

    In 2001, M&K doubled its factory size to 66,000 square feet and went from one to two production lines, each with its own individual acoustic testing and listening room, according to the company.
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    Never really cared for their speakers but their DTD albums are incredible. If you can find "Fatha" Earl Hines Plays Hits he Missed (M&K Realtime RT 105) and "For Duke" RT 101, buy them, you'll be in for a treat both musically and sonically. Even their digital albums are pretty good and won't cost anywhere near what the DTD are getting these days.
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    Years ago when I first started to get into this hobby, I wanted to add a subwoofer to my system. I read magazine article that was rating various subs and the M&K won top honors.

    Sad to see them fold up the tents.


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    Default Some history:

    I was very close to Kenny (who is my age) and Jonas, starting in the early seventies. Ken's parents and Jonas and his wife were good friends and they became Ken's guardians after a tragic accident took Ken's parents. Back then, Jonas had the only real high end store in LA/Beverly Hills -- showing Quad, Koetsu, Decca, Mitchell Cotter, Infinity, Ohm Heil, Magnepan, Beveridge, Apogee -- you get the picture.

    Around 1972, we were hot-rodding some GTE Sylvania bookshelf speakers (DON'T laugh!) that Jonas discovered at a show (they had a stunning high end, a blanket for a grill cloth, and a 25-cent xover.) Arnie Nudell was just getting Infinity off the ground (he would hang out at Jonas' a lot) and had split the usual two boxes into three (the Servo-Statik 1, and 1a) I think later on, that's what gave Kenny the satellite/sub idea. (BTW, yours truly designed the famous M/K logo for them )

    I know that the official reason for closing MK was uncontrolled piracy, but in a recent e-mail exchange, I got the feeling Ken was just tired and needed a break (meaning, don't be surprised if he re-emerges some time soon )

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsgarch View Post
    (BTW, yours truly designed the famous M/K logo for them )
    That is a GREAT logo. I worked for weeks on my logo (also my avatar) then discovered it looked a bit like the M&K logo on my sub-woofer. I discovered this after picking the logo up off the floor, somehow the cat or my wife always found a way to knock it off.

    I also have some small M&K's for the front speakers of my home theater, I'd stack them against anything else and expect them to more than hold their own (for H.T.).
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    Default Just to add

    I always loved going into Jonas Miller's store on Wilshire. First heard the Beveridge speakers there. My friend was always there buying Mogami cable. I discovered Fulton cables(Brown and Gold) around the same time.

    I've always liked the M&K brand and idea of satellite subwoofer systems. I guess the copycats did also?
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    From the stereophile interview of Ken Kreisel...

    "My passion and love is loudspeakers, and it has been since I was 9 years old. I plan to continue pursuing that passion."

    After I concluded my interview with Kreisel, I revisited the M&K website, which now has the following amplification to the factory closing announcement:

    "We have recently discovered counterfeit product being sold internationally under the Miller & Kreisel Sound (M&K) name and trademark, probably manufactured in China, possibly shipped through the USA. This product may appear to be nearly identical to legitimate product, but its quality and performance in all likelihood does not meet M&K standards and has not been subject to M&K's legendary quality control process.

    "Some counterfeit product has been reported as totally non-functional with shorted inputs.

    "Beware of the MP-150 in the painted high-gloss finish. No legitimate MP-150s have been produced in this finish. M&K-built MP-150s have cabinets painted in the standard M&K textured matte finish used on the S-150.

    "If you suspect you have bought counterfeit product like this, we would like to hear from you. Please include Model and Serial Numbers, where and when it was bought, including country. Please email that info to Ken Kreisel."
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    I didn't know that. I used to own a M&K 150THX subwoofer in my old HT setup. They made some nice stuff.

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