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    Behind Enemy Lines - DTS
    20th Century Fox

    Detailed review: First allow me to preface this movie review with the fact that I spent almost the entire year of 2000 in the country (Bosnia) that the movie portraits during the ground (evasion) phase. The terrain, weather and equipment in the scenes is very realistic. Also, as a graduate of SERE school I can relate to what Owen Wilson's aviator character was going thru while on the run from enemy forces. The movie takes you thru several emotional levels.
    From the very beginning this movie sounds wonderful on my system. The sounds of the aircraft carrier activity and radio traffic, jets evading in-bound missiles, the sniper bullets coming from off screen and helicopters circling overhead are amazing. Lots of audio detail.
    The movies visual detail is also very well done, I like the grayness of the winter weather and the slow motion events.
    Factually, there are few hokey events added for added action effect but even to the non-military observer it is exciting. My wife knew nothing about the military until she met me and she loves the action in this movie.
    Overall, I love this movie and crank the sound when I watch it. Give it a try.

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