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Thread: Please keep us posted for next year!

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    Default Please keep us posted for next year!

    It looks like you guys (and girls) had an awesome time at the factory get together! I wish I had known about it a bit sooner, but we would really like to attend next year and do a big feature on the event for TONE Audio.

    We'll even give you guys a free banner on the website next year a few months out!

    My asst. editor Marc Phillips is always up for a road trip and as I will be the happy owner of a pair of Summits next week, I can't think of a more fun thing to do for a few days.

    Ill stay tuned here....

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    Hey Pub,

    There has been suggestions that we do an annual meet and have it in Lawrence every OTHER year. Not sure where this will eventually lead, but once we all get caught up at work, etc. I'll be doing some polling and discussions of how we want to proceed. The folks at ML have made it very clear that they loved having us there and would welcome us back anytime, so we'll see.

    Visiting the factory was such a great experience and I know that alot of the other folks on the site couldn't make it this year, so I kinda feel that we should do it in Lawrence again next year, but we'll see.

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    This really shows how good the Vantage and up are. You guys reviewed the Vantage and the Pub is about to own the Summits? Niiice.

    Next time we're out, make sure to tag along for the ride!

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