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Thread: Stranger Than Fiction ~ Blue-Ray

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    Thumbs up Stranger Than Fiction ~ Blue-Ray

    Title: Stranger Than Fiction ~ Blue-Ray
    Year of Release: 2007
    Film Studio: Sony Pictures
    Genre: Drama / Comedy (Dramedy)

    Having just had my, 2006 – State and Federal Taxes done and submitted to the IRS, by my accountant... this timely dramedy was a welcome addition to my newly formed Blue-Ray library. I hope, I don’t get audited as Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character – Ana Pascal did in this absolutely captivatingly lovely film. This is the kinda script that could have come from the talented mind Charlie Kaufman but it didn’t, Zach Helm penned this screenplay and is the genius that deserves all the honors this time.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal was voluminously beautiful and coy in her role. I really enjoyed her lovely chemistry with Will Ferrell’s character Harold Crick the IRS auditor. Will Ferrell was the perfect actor for this subtlety comedic yet dramatic performance. I have always enjoyed his comedic roles but this role, in Stranger Than Fiction is his best performance yet.

    Two other outstanding performances, I wanted to mention were, Dustin Hoffman and most especially Emma Thompson. They both were just wonderful. Each actor portrayed the comedy and the dramatic nuances brilliantly in this wonderful film.

    The high quality video and audio transfer to Blue-Ray just blew my socks-off. The HD look and sound of, Stranger Than Fiction was beautiful to experience. The picture quality is soooo good, dare I say it… came close to movie theater film - picture quality. The video picture presented on all 43 inches of my Pioneer HDTV Plasma screen was just as razor-sharp as the movie theater version. Halleluiah! - Blue-Ray for such a wonderful copy of a terrific film. The other major reason this film presents so well is because of the excellent audio and sound track. My Logan’s loved every minute of this great film almost as much as my ears. The Blue-Ray presentation really gives tremendous full power and detail to the quality of sound produced, so much more than a regular DVD can provide. My ears were in shear sonic heaven…

    This is my first Blue-Ray review / Recommendation and it is my hope, anyone seeing or purchasing this Blue-Ray will enjoy Stranger Than Fiction, as much as I have done…

    HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the films & music turn you on….
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