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Thread: System #174 (CLSIIz, SL3)

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    Default System #174 (CLSIIz, SL3, Depth i)

    1. Member Name: Brad R.

    2. Location: Tampa, FL.

    3. ML Model:CLSIIz & Electromotion 2-Depth i's

    4. Year Purchased: 2006

    5. Mods/Changes: Built new frames for the CLS's to eliminate the need for my stands

    6. Associated Electronics: 2 Channel:

    Sony SCD-1 with Vacuum State Level 6+ upgrade
    ARC Ref3 Preamp
    ARC VTM 200 Mono Blocks
    Shunyata Altair XLR interconnects
    Shunyata Andromeda speaker cables
    Shunyata Hydra 4
    Shunyata Python Helix to all electronics
    Shunyata Tipan Helix to CLS's

    Electromotion front
    Logos center
    Helos 100 (side & rear surround in ceiling)
    Sony 60" Grand Wega LCD (rear projection)
    Oppo 971H DVD
    Verizon Fios DVR
    Outlaw 990 audio processor
    Aragon 3005 (center, side & rear surround)
    Aragon 2002 (Front left & right)
    2 Outlaw LFM-1 subs
    Velodyne SMS-1 digital drive controller
    Belden, Canare, Straight Wire, cables

    7. Your Martin Logan experience: Owned Accoustat Model 3's in early 80's never really had the equipment and room to make them sound great. Tried other speakers but never really had the sound of the electrostatic I wanted. Heard SL3s in mid 90s and started hinting to my better half of my need for them. Bought them in I think 96 and never wished I hadn't. Purchased CLS IIz in 2007 added new panels. Built new frames for CLSIIz's.

    8. Top picture is of the same listening room after house renovation. The link to my room renovations is

    9. The link to my frame construction for CLS's is
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    Arc Vtm200
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    CLSIIz with stand
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    new riser stand
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    Shweeeet! I really like the fabric inserts with the TV armoire! Did they come that way, or was that a tweak to minimize reflected sound and/or gain WAF?

    Just curious... how far are the SL3's beyond the front plane of the armoire?

    Also, please update us on how the Verizon Fios installation goes. I'm contemplating the same!
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    Brad, Your set-up looks very nice indeed. Good to have another ARC fan in the group, I see your Kenwood table is like me....old and cheap !! Do you spin any viynl ??

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    GREAT SYSTEM!!! SL3's are one of my all-time favorites from ML. You should try to find a copy of the Stereophile magazine that had them on the cover during the mid-90's. It makes for a great coffee table mag.
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    Dang man... that's a serious setup... the supporting electronics are quite astonishing.

    Good job!

    Joey "kid grown up" V
    4 months away from the new and improved 2ch room...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey_V View Post
    Dang man... that's a serious setup... the supporting electronics are quite astonishing.

    Good job!

    I totally agree w/ Joey, that is a heck of an electronics rig you got going there! System looks AWESOME! Just love it! Very classy and tasteful!
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    Very nice and very clean and organized setup Love the whole look. Some great choices in electronics too. Welcome to the club!


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    Sleepysurf- My wife has always disliked seeing audio equipment setting out. I built this for us about 6 years ago when we were in Ft Myers Fl. and everything was in the living/family room. I built the 2 equipment stands on either side of it over the weekend a couple of weeks ago. She wasn't thrilled to see the equipment outside of the cabinet but I explained that the tube equipment was to hot to be in there. She gave me one of those head shaking smirks that after 34 years together was easy to tell she thought it was all a master plan to buy tubes so the amps could escape the cabinet. But she knows I don't think that far ahead.
    It always had the fabric in the panels. I thought it would help take away from the size not having wood in the doors. I did have glass in the doors with the fabric behind when I built it but removed it so the speakers could set partially behind the doors when watching the TV. It's not perfect but it doesn't seem to bother the audio for movie watching.

    The SL3s set about 12" in front of the cabinet. I know it has to be affecting the image and depth but it still sounds great. Although it's about 2 years before we build our new house. I can't wait to have my own room for HT and music and put that cabinet in the family room.

    We have had FIOS for data and phones for almost 2 years but have not been able to get video. We have a static IP address instead of dynamic for data so we can remote in to our computers when away. Up until last week Verizon told us you could not have video on a static address and would only run one fiber optic connection per home address. Our installer/tech from Verizon called to say he found a way to make it happen.
    If any of you in Tampa are thinking of Fios I will put in touch with this guy. He will take your phn # and as soon as it can go in your area he will contact you and set it up. We had the optic cable cut at 5:00 PM one evening. I called him and he drove 45min.+ to fix it didn't finish until after 8:30 and was happy to do it. Great service.

    Twitch- My wife left for a sisters weekend a few weeks ago so I decided to drag out the old turntable and see how it sounded with my tube equipment.
    My newest vinyl is close to 20 years old and I hadn't listened to it in a long, long time. I was amazed how it sounded. I then understood why some people will only listen to vinyl. I started pulling out music I hadn't heard in years and it was so full and warm sounding. Even with a turntable and cartridge that couldn't have cost $150. I can't imagine what a good table and phono stage would sound like. One of the nights I was playing records and decided I needed to stop since I needed to do some work the next morning and it was 3AM. That is not a normal time for me. That is a comment on the vinyl sound not being a weekend bachelor. Hopefully later this year or next I will add new analog pieces. Once Donna gets over the shock of having to look at new amps and speakers for a while.

    Thank for all of your comments

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    Brad, yes nice and clean WAF friendly. I use to have the SL3 and always wanted to hear them thru an Audio Research amp. I am still trying to figure out the Aragon preamp in your system...I am guessing your using it as a volume control? I have a volume control unit that I used to by-pass a Krell 300i in a HT set-up. Its a Placette Audio Remote Control Volume ($1100-R) RCA volume contol for single unit with audio by-pass
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    Thumbs up SL3 Mega Gorgeous System...


    Look what you've been hiding from us, all this time..., OMG... your SL3 system is stunningly gorgeous, Dude... I've decided, I am in lust with your ARC LS-25 and classic 120 mono-blocks. Your listening room is great as well. You just got it all goin-on in this great SL3 system...

    Excellent set-up.

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    SL3s have company with new CLSIIz
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