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Thread: Time on this website?

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    Default Time on this website?

    how much time a day do you spend on this site?

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    Depends on the day, weekends are pretty heavy of course, weekdays less so. When I'm on the road I may disappear for weeks at a time. Today I've pretty much been checking in off and on all day!
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    I'm going to conservatively estimate about 30 to 60 minutes a day. Some days more; some less. But that is probably the average. The real question is how does this compare to the amount of time we spend actually listening to our systems. If we spend more time on here talking about them than we spend actually listening, then we have a real problem.

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    1.5+ hours/day I would guess...
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    1hr or less... or more... depending on the day. I usually just pop in and out... I have MLO on my #1 favorites button on my microsoft keyboard so it's a quick move in and out.

    I love this place though... no doubt about it!

    Joey "kid grown up" V
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