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Thread: Diana Krall Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival

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    Default Diana Krall Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival

    Genre: Jazz
    Studio: Verve
    Release Date: 2004
    Available Audio Tracks: (Dolby Digital 5.1), (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)

    Live in Paris is the more famous of DKís concert videos, and it does have many charms. This Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival disc, I feel, showcases her talents better. The music is less formal, more jazzy, and the players stretch out more. Plus, the video and especially the audio, good as they are on Live in Paris, are even better on this disc.

    Here, DK plays with Peter Erskine on drums, Robert Hurst on bass, and Anthony Wilson on guitar -- and thatís it, a quartet, playing tightly and telepathically with each other. Wilson, especially, shines in this concert, his underrated talent on full display. DK sings some of her own songs, so she pours herself into them.

    Her Steinway grand is present in your room. The other instruments are placed solidly around the soundstage. Many friends say itís the best-sounding DVD concert I have. Check out DKís great piano solo on the intro to Devil May Care, and soon after, a brilliant guitar solo. Throughout the song thereís the snappy snare drum and shimmering cymbals at the back, a solid double bass line, and percussive piano doing rhythm duties. And thatís just one of many musical and audio treats.

    My recommendation: Listen to the stereo track, as the instruments sound much fuller that way.
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    Excellent review, and I have to agree. I really like the "Live in Paris" disc, but think this one is more intimate and better displays the musicianship of both she and the band. Anthony Wilson is a genious pure and simple (Check out his latest LP T"The Power of Nine"). The sound is stunning as well.

    My only caveat is that I wish she did "A Case of You" on this disc as she does on the Paris one. Truely a remarkable rendition of a classic song from fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell.
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    Default this is HUUUUUGGGGGEEE!!!

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just rented this disc.... after falling in love with the Live In Paris disc, I can't wait to see what kind of musical delights are in store for me with this disc!

    Very shortly i'm going to sit down and relax with a bottle of pinot noir, and enjoy!

    Thanks again for the tip!
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    To start with, "Temptation" is only present on the Montreal one, and that song alone justifies buying the DVD. IMHO in the Paris concert you get more performance from the whole band, in the Montreal one you get more Diana.

    One of my preferred concerts, anyway - I second this recommendation !
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    Thumbs up Diana

    I`ll have to pick up this DVD. I already have the "Live in Paris" which is a gem. I have played it often in my van, just to listen to, my van has surround.
    I`ll check into this DVD.

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