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Thread: More Feet/Spike Advice

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    Your point (pardon the pun) is well taken! Will switch back to 4 spikes shortly.
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    Would you agree with this tip?

    ** Spike Tip ** - Mount (2) of the 1.50" spikes on the rear and (2) of the 2.10" spikes to the front of your speaker to obtain the correct "tilt" for correct imaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhijit View Post
    Do you think that M6 thread will fit to the existing 1/4-20 size?

    M6 is 6 mm, 1/4 is 6.35 mm.

    so yes, they will fit but they won't engage the thread and will fall out when the speakers are vertical.

    I made my own spikes from 1 1/4 in 1/4 UNC grub (aka socket) screws. put them in a drill press and used and angle grinder to make them pointy. will post a photo at some point. total cost about 5 for 10.

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    Thanks to Gordon Gray's posting in this thread I researched the Mapleshade products and purchased plinths and brass footers for my Summits. I'm amazed at the resulting improvement to the musical soundstage and clarity. I'm hearing instruments and sounds that were hidden when I was using BDR pucks and butcher blocks for plinths. Highly recommended.
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    I recently received my birthday present to myself and I must say I am delighted with my purchase. I bought a set of 8 Stillpoints Ultra SS for my aging Summits in the big rig and installed them last night. To say that I am astounded by the improvement in sound would be an understatement. I haven't really messed with footings in several years. Shortly after the club returned from our visit to Kansas I purchased a longer set of spikes another club member was touting, put BDR pucks under them and forgot about it. At the time I felt it was an improvement and left it at that. When I installed these things and cranked on the music my jaw dropped to the floor! The Summits simply disappeared as sources of sound. There doesn't appear to be a change in tonal balance per se but the soundstage opened up in all directions. Even though the Stillpoints required the removal of the stock footers and thus lowered the Summits by several inches the height of the soundstage also increased. The images seem denser and the palpability factor is much greater. The improvement was instant and profound. Although these things are pricey they are actually worth the money. If you are craving new MLs but don't have the cash try these-you may find your current MLs sound much better than you think! In fact, as I think about all the changes to my system in the last year this one ranks near the top of the heap and is greatest in the bang for the buck category. I will try to rank order all of last years changes in terms of overall improvement in sound in order to give you an idea of the magnitude of improvement these things make:

    1) I replaced my very old Purist Audio Proteus interconnects and speaker cables with simply old Purist Audio Dominus interconnects and speaker cables. I use a long run of interconnects between my arc pre and rowland amp, so about 17 feet. I am using two separate runs of Dominus speaker cable to the Summits, so these were by far the most expensive things I bought this year (even used). Not bang for the buck at all, but improved the sound of my system with all sources more than any other change. And the video system got the old stuff which also was an improvement.

    2) Stillpoints Ultra SS-as I said bang for the buck and instantly apparent and obvious with all sources. This is a greater improvement than when I replaced the stock Summit powers cords with Shunyata Python Alphas. I have long used the stillpoint minis under my source components and preamp.

    3) Audioquest Wild XLR interconnects between DAC and preamp. These replaced a set of of Audioquest Sky. Couldn't find a used pair of Dominus I could afford! Again the video system got the Sky between the Classe SSP pre and the Classe Amp 5 amp.

    4)I replaced the Ayre QB9 DSD with a ps audio direct stream DAC. This is not to say the ps audio doesn't sound great-it does and it is everything the reviewers say and it is new all over again every time a software upgrade comes out. It is just the Ayre is so very good at what it does which is USB audio only. What the ps audio brings to the party is just about every input one could imagine and ethernet via the bridge 2 (yes boys and girls ethernet does sound better than USB), and the ability to stream Tidal directly, bypassing both the computer and the Aurender, and allows me to stream MQA (this does sound better than 16/44 but to my ears not much better than high res downloads from HD tracks or the club's friends at Acoustic Sounds).

    So there you have it. One lunatics ramblings...But you really do need to try the stillpoints!
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