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Thread: Walt Disney's Legacy Collection - True Life Adventures Volume #1 (1953)

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    Thumbs up Walt Disney's Legacy Collection - True Life Adventures Set ~ Volumes #1, #2, #3, #4.

    Title: Walt Disney's Legacy Collection - True Life Adventures Set ~ Volumes: #1 (1953); Vol. #2 (1954); Vol. #3 (1955); Vol. #4 (1957).
    Year of Release: December 2006
    Film Studio: Walt Disney Studios
    Genre: Wild Life Documentary

    This particular Walt Disney production has been on my mind since I first watched them in my third grade elementary school class room. I remember my teacher, Mr. Close telling me to please close the class rooms curtains, well he got the 35 mm film projector ready. It was 1966 and the film that day was Walt Disney's True Life Adventures - "White Wilderness". OMG I was transfixed by the gorgeous photography and marvelous narration of Winston Hibler. The film was a bit worn but I loved all 89 minutes. Naturally, I saw some more of these wonderful films replayed on the long running TV show NBC's "Wonderful World Of Disney" in the early 1970's, which was great too but I have waited a long long time to see these film documentaries again and own them on DVD which is marvelous...

    Fortunately for me these fantastic films along with the entire series of True Life Adventures is now become available to own on DVD. As an example the first volume of the Legacy Collection Set, featured wild life Documentaries begins with "White Wilderness" and includes "Water Birds", "Beaver Valley", "Prowlers of the Everglades", "Mysteries of the Deep" (Roy Disney's first writing credit). I never knew it took the film makers six years to film just the "White Winter" alone... All of the featured wild life Documentaries won Academy Awards. These films are so well done. They are beautiful as well as funny and extremely interesting. Definitely the fore-runners of the Discovery Channel, Living Planet etc... Oh did I already say they were gloriously filmed...

    Every volume of this Legacy Collection Set is just packed with extra features. Located on the second bonus disc of each volume in the series. As an example - in the first volume for example the bonus features include: "The Crisler Story", "Wonders of the Water Worlds", "Backstage with Roy Disney' Animal Kingdom: Birds", Tribute to (The Director) James Algar", "Filmmakers' Journal", "Collectors' Corner" and "Original Theatrical Trailers". The packaging is first rate as well. Each volume in the Legacy Collection set, comes in a formed covered tin case, while the DVD's in a separate tin film can.

    Interestingly Walt Disney's long time friend and producer, Ben Sharpsteen, who produced all four volumes of The True Life Adventure, is honored in my home town of Calistoga, California. The Sharpsteen museum is full of load of wonderful memorabilia and artifacts of when Mr. Sharpsteen lived in Calistoga.

    I simply love how the Walt Disney company restored these True Life Adventures for the DVD Legacy Collection Set ~ Volumes 1 - 4. They did an astounding job, really wonderful. All of the documentaries look brand new. It is really amazing.

    I highly recommend the Set Volumes: #1 - #4 are truly excellent - Walt Disney's True Life Adventures. If you are like me you will choose to own the entire four disc Legacy Collection Set. Though these films are not in wide screen and are presented in Dolby mono, I still love each volume of the set. "Walt Disney's Legacy Collection - True Life Adventures Set" plays beautifully on my 7:1 ML home theater and looks and sounds awesome.

    HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the movies turn you on...
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