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Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for posting this inspiring project. When it comes to the replacement SL3 panels, did you notice/measure a significant difference in performance between the original and new panels?

Based on your experience with the stock SL3, where would you recommend crossing over with a subwoofer (e.g. 50, 60, 70, 80 Hz)?

If using the stock woofer and panel configuration, do you have any opinions regarding active crossover order? Based on your measurements and assuming lower SPL, have you found there is much to be gained by veering from the high and low transfer functions of the original schematic?


Yes, the improvement is both measurable and noticeable. I don’t have consistently taken before/after of the SL3 panels, but I did for my Monolith panel updates.

I’d recommend a sub for any ML model. Not because they don’t have good bass performance, but mostly because a good sub (such as a Depth) will enable you to both position it for optimal integration, as well as an ability to play louder and deeper with less distortion. The SL3 woofer, relieved of low-frequency duties will also now deliver improved mid-bass performance as well. So all these add up to improved audio reproduction.

Crossover for an SL3 should be no lower than 80hz IMHO.

If bypassing stock passives (removing parts, as I did in this project) then the slopes I recommend between woofer and sub are fourth-order, and between woofer an panel, second order or fourth order.
Personally I use fourth-order (24/dB octave) LR alignments in my setup with great results.

Are you planning an active setup?

If so, please start a new thread and we can discuss at length.