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Thread: System #104 (Summit / CLS II)

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    Default System #104 (Summit / CLS II)


    Martin Logans

    Fronts: Summit Dark Cherry Purchased 6/2008
    Fronts: CLS II Originally Dark Oak Purchased 10/2008
    Center: Theater i
    Rears: Script i
    Sub: Descent Cherry Trim
    All purchased January 2005


    Zu Cable "Birth" power cord 2 meter length,(Descent)
    jtwrace's 3" Rear Spikes for Summits
    Refinished CLS Frames in Cherry
    Arcici stands for CLS
    Sensing Power Supplies for CLS
    Replaced panels CLS 11/2008
    Tributaries 10-gauge Series 9 power cords for Summits and CLSs


    Amp: B&K Reference 200.5 II
    Mono Block Amps: 2 Emotiva XPA-1's
    Preamp: B&K Reference 50 II
    Power: Monster Power HTS-5100 MK II
    Stabilizer: Monster Power AVS 2000
    Music Server: Escient Fireball E2-300 (300GB)
    SACD/DVD: Denon DVD-3910
    DAC: PS Audio Digital Link III with Cullen Level 3 Modifications
    Satellite HD Receiver/Recorder: Dishnetwork VIP622 DVR (250GB)
    TV: Sony 70" LCD Grand Wega KDF-70XBR950
    Gaming: PS3 (80GB)
    Speaker Selector: Adcom GFS 300
    Remote: Universal Remote Control Inc's MX3000
    Antenna: Channel Master CM-3010
    Cabinet: Salamander Synergy
    Amp Stand: VTI BL404 (Used for the Descent)

    Cables and Connections

    All Cabling and Connections from Monster Cable, Zu Cable, and Black Mountain Cable

    Fronts: Zu Julian with Banana connectors 10 foot length for CLSs 8 foot for Summits
    Center: M1.2s cable with Quicklock Gold Angled Spade Connectors
    Rears: Same as Center
    Sub: Monsterbass M Series 1000 Interconnect
    Escient Audio: Interlink Lightspeed 200
    Escient Video: Z300 Component Video
    Denon Audio: M550i 6 Channel Interconnect
    Denon Video: Z300 Component video
    DAC: Black Mountain Cable Peak Silver XLRs 1 meter length
    Dishnetwork DVR: HDMI400/DVI-2m

    Acoustic Panels

    4-Tri-Corner Traps from ASC Acoustic Sciences Corporation
    4-2x2 Panels behind Mains and on side wall from ATS Acoustics
    2-Tri-Traps from GIK Acoustics
    1-244 panel from GIK Acoustics behind the TV
    3-10"X10" Acoustical Foam corners from Foam N More INC behind the Script i's and Theater i
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    Nicely Done!!!

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    Looks great!! Happy to see a fellow Chicagoan.

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    Super system! Nice to see another Chicagoan as well!

    We should really form a club.
    Joey "kid grown up" V
    4 months away from the new and improved 2ch room...

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    Very nice system, Your room looks great.

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    You're very lucky to have a dedicated room like that. Looks great!

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    Thumbs up Yeah Baby!!

    Now that's one Nice, Clean setup. I see you got the wireless setup.
    Rock on!!
    "If it's expensive, i'll buy it"

    Check out my system.

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    Very nice, clean HT setup you have Wayne ! You should share your thoughts on your B&K gear for I believe another member had inquired as to it's performance last week or so.

    Happy Viewing / listening !!!!

    System #79 - Analog is Alive and Well, if in doubt, click the link below !

    Click Here to see my System

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    Nice system Wayne!
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will then know peace"!

    Jimi Hendrix

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    That room looks huge!

    It seems lately that a lot of the more recent system posts have very large dedicated rooms.

    Thanks WB, I now have room envy to go along with my speaker envy (thanks to Joey).
    Been Thinkin bout nothing and doin nothin but thinkin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris03053
    Now that's one Nice, Clean setup. I see you got the wireless setup.
    Rock on!!
    Do you have everything through the wall or is that just a photo op?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munster
    Do you have everything through the wall or is that just a photo op?
    Thanks for the comments

    All the wiring is through the walls and the attic.If you look closely at the third picture you'll see we had to come through the ceiling with the wiring.Couldn't get through the joists on that wall because of the pitch in the roof.The Scripts are daisy chained for electricity with the Theater i which is plugged into the power center,this way there was no need to instsall extra electric outlets in the attic.The room took almost a year to complete,wife picked out room color,blinds,furniture,wall decor and the granite for the bar.I got to pick out the equipment,(comprimise is a wonderful thing).Kruppy room size is 21' x 23'.I installed all lighting which is contolled by the remote.Moved the Scripts several times to get the right surround effect ended up mounting them upside down for the best sound and look.
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    Default windows

    Very nice setup, i wish i had a room that size, mine is 12X23. are those windows in your room and if so what did you use to cover them with to control the outside light? thanks

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    Thanks Lex
    Those are windows,covered with simple blinds,ordered them tight,but some light does creep through along the edges,but for the most part it keeps the room pitch black during the day.
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    Beautiful theater room. I only hope mine will look half as good when finished.

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