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Thread: 10-2-17 not a good day

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    Default 10-2-17 not a good day

    Tragedy in Vegas and Tom Petty dying , man what a depressing day ...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by twich54 View Post
    Tragedy in Vegas and Tom Petty dying , man what a depressing day ...............
    No doubt Dave. I am sure you have heard- Tom Petty may not be gone yet. Apparently, news jumped to conclusions. All we can do is hope as I have not seen any confirmation of this yet. Imagine if he pulls thru - with essentially the obits written. Here is hoping

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    it's official.. Tom Petty is gone..

    Damn The Torpedoes was the first Tom Petty album I bought.. LOVED every track on it... He was so damn good. Such a shame.. RIP.
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