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Thread: System #528 (Electromotion ESL)

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    Default System #528 (Electromotion ESL)

    1. Member Name: Raman Agneswaran

    2. Location: Sydney, Australia

    3. ML Model(s): Electromotion ESL, Electromotion C2, Motion FX

    4. Year Purchased: 2014, 2015, 2016

    5. Associated Electronics:

    Receiver - Anthem MRX 310
    Games - Microsoft XBox One S
    Projector - Benq HT1085ST
    Screen - None, on wall for now (projection size 76.1")
    HTPC - Intel Core i5 on Windows 10 + Foobar + VLC
    Cables - Kimber 8PR Left/Right, Kimber 4PR Center, Generic for Surrounds

    7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

    Started collecting the components for my system in 2014 and add on to it every year as funds permit
    Initially auditioned the Electromotion ESL, Motion 40 & Goldenear Triton 3 out which decided to go for the ESL.
    Fell in love with the sound of the electrostats like a lot of you. I found the sound of the other traditional speakers too fatiguing for my liking especially the highs.

    Currently the system is setup in a spare bedroom that quite tiny (3.5m W x 2.9m L x 2.5m H)
    Less that ideal conditions I realise after reading a lot of posts here over the past couple of years. Still trying to make it work as best I can. I'll try and post under the room treatments topic for detailed suggestions on how to actually make the best of the situation.

    Next add on would ideally be a subwoofer, thinking RSL Speedwoofer 10S or the Martin Logan Dynamo 700 although leaning towards the RSL based on a lot of favourable reviews. Suggestions more that welcome.

    8. A few images of my system
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    Much better this time Raman, thanks !

    System #79 - Analog is Alive and Well, if in doubt, click the link below !

    Click Here to see my System

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