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Thread: Did many of you catch the Eclipse?

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    Default Did many of you catch the Eclipse?

    I was fortunate that I live on the edge of its path of totality this time around. We drove closer to the center of the path to get a good view of the sun's corona.

    Very cool stuff!

    The sky darkened, the temperature dropped 8 degrees, the cicadas started to sing, the birds flew in to roost.

    Then we had what looked like 360 degrees of dawn along the horizon and a very beautiful looking corona surrounded by a dark indigo sky.

    We went to an eclipse event at a local lake park.

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    My neighborhood had 98% totality, but we live in a mountainous forrest, so my wife had the brilliant idea to book a tennis court as we'd have unobstructed views of the sun at 2pm, and interesting lighting for a game.

    We did that and it was great fun, the lighting changing before and after the near-totality was good practice for playing at dusk, but the color-quality was noticeably different than early morning or evening.
    Breaks between games allowed us to use the eclipse glasses to view the progress.

    We were the only ones crazy enough to actually play, but a dozen other members came to the club to hang out and view the event.

    Gratuitous pic of the dog (she is the ball chaser) under the light of eclipse (maybe at 60% coverage)

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    my parents reside in an assisted living facility, joined them for a 'eclipse party', while I didn't have glasses I took three underexposed 35mm slides, stacked together, worked perfect.

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    We had a mini eclipse party at my work, doughnuts and everything. We were at about 98% totality. Looking around at the scenery was like looking through sunglasses that you couldn't take off!

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    Saw the "total" in Glendo, WY on the way to my new home in New Mexico. Stunning.

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    I was supposed to go up to Tennessee to get some good shots of the totality, but a sick child cancelled those plans. So instead, I stayed home. I was kind of bummed about that and didn't bother setting up my telescope/DSLR combination, and instead just shot a few shots with my rangefinder camera, holding a baader solar filter in front of the 135 mm lens. All handheld. This is the closest we got to totality:

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    We drove first to Carbondale and then visited Makada just south of there. At Carbondale there is a university with college professors and Nasa scientists giving like 1/2 hour presentations most of the Sunday before. A lot of good info. The weather reporting was bad but it looked more clear east toward Nashville. So we drove about 100 miles west of Nashville and set up camp. We stayed away from all the crowds and found a nice quiet place free from lights and traffic. It was really hot 99 degrees and humid. Like others mentioned it cooled down and was kind of odd looking when the total happened. Its was like a moon lite night. The aurora was the best part followed closely by the diamond ring effect.
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