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Thread: For Sale (free) Used Quest Stators

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    I did a full restoration on a pair of M-L Quest speakers which included a new set of panels and was wondering if anyone had a use for the old ones (approx. 12 years old). One panel does not work well at all (no high-frequency and is half the volume it should be) and the other one works pretty well (plays a little softer than the new ones). These may be good for someone who wanted a pair of cores to send out to have rebuilt, or has one single bad panel and wouldn't mind trying my good one to see if it pairs up OK with their existing unit. The only hitch is it will be costly to ship (which is the reason I offer them for free). The box is 51" x 23" x 11" and it weighs 38lbs (ships from 06473). I just hated to throw them out in case someone had a use for them. You pay the shipping (send a call tag) and they are yours!


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    Thanks for checking, this is a nice offer. Maybe someone might even use them in a decorative/functional acoustic treatment project like this:


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