Hello all,

Recently bought a pair of CLS II's not really knowing too much detail or history of these speaker. After getting them home and really tearing into them did I see what I have.

The electronic boxes are IIz's that were built in 2000. The panels however are II's from 1990. The frames are trashed, the lower cross member had come apart at the glue seam on both sides. The one vertical side pieces is severely warped.

My initial thought process it to bite the bullet and get new panels and while waiting for them to be built, a 3 month process from what I was told by ML service, I'll build new frames.

Also in the mix are a pair of mono blocks I'm building from scratch. Main output tubes will be 845's.

I guess my question would be...... Will the 845 mono blocks provide the necessary power for these speakers or should I build something else?

As always, your input is greatly appreciated!