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Thread: System #525 (DIY ESL)

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    Default System #525 (DIY ESL)

    1. Member Name: Charlie Mimbs

    2. Location: Savannah, GA (USA)

    3. Speakers: DIY Hybrid Electrostats

    4. Year - Cab/Frame built in 2008, newest panels in 2016

    5. Mods/Changes:
    - ESL panels upgraded with segmented wire stators
    - Amps: Recapped / Service Bulletin upgrades /gold 5-way binding posts

    6. Associated Electronics:

    Source Components:
    - Logitech Transporter
    - Carver DTL-100 CDP
    - Carver TX-11a Tuner

    - Logitech Transporter
    - Carver C1

    Behringer DEQ2496 EQ
    Behringer DCX2496 Crossover

    - Bob Carver Signature TFM-25's

    - Homebuilt wire stator hybrid electrostats
    - Homebuilt Ripol subs (Peerless SLS 12's)

    - Dayton Gold

    Speaker Cables:
    - Homebuilt cross-connected Belden coaxial

    Homebuilt red oak

    7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:
    I don't actually own any Martin Logan gear (yet) but auditioning a pair of ML Summits started my whole obsession with ESL's. I was immediately hooked by the ML's spooky coherence and clarity. After that, everything else was two Dixie cups and a string.

    My first homebuilt ESL's had flat perf metal panels which gave great slam and imaging but beamed like crazy (head-in-a-vise). The next iteration eliminated the head-in-a-vise effect using electrically segmented welding rod stators with switch-selectable wide and narrow dispersion modes. These had a nice balanced sound but were visually just butt ugly. Finally, my newest panels are beautiful and more finely segmented to project a perfectly curved, lobe-free wave front using oak lattice supported wire stators that look and sound like fine musical instruments.

    The segmented stators tailor dispersion somewhat like a Quad ESL 63, except where the 63's stators used concentric ring conductors driven by stepped-phase signals to emulate a point-source projecting a spherical wave front, my stators use symmetrically arrayed vertical wire groups driven by stepped-phase/stepped-frequency signals to emulate a line-source projecting a cylindrical wave front.
    For details and build photos see my webpage: Jazzman's Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page

    The rest of my gear is mostly vintage Bob Carver and even though I'm a dummy with electronics, I managed to learn enough to recap & refurbish my Carver amps, preamp and CDP. I hauled my rig to the annual Carverfest retreat in NC last year-- the Bobfather loved my speakers and put his signature on my Carver amps.

    Cellphone video from Carverfest

    8. Image:

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