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Thread: Hello there from a newbie in the UK

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    Default Hello there from a newbie in the UK

    Hi there,

    I'm Dan and I have just ordered a (used but very recent) pair of Electromotion ELS speakers. I have been a fan of electrostatic loudspeakers for a long time, having owned a pair of Quad EL57's and a pair of 63's back in the day. I was curious to see what modern electrostatics sounded like and if any significant improvements had been made along the way. Recently I heard a pair of Electromotions being demonstrated in a space not too dissimilar from the size of my own small listening room and was hugely impressed, so when I spotted the used pair I have just bought I couldn't resist. I thought this would be a way to dip my toe into the ML water and see if I liked it.

    I can hardly wait for them to be delivered, it's a bit like being an 8 year old at Christmas!

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    Welcome Dan,
    I'm rather a newbie here myself but not new to ESL's. I've not had the pleasure of hearing the Quad 63's but I recently heard a pair of newly refreshed 57's. The 57's were astonishing thru the midrange but a bit beamy and lacking deep bass. I think ML's taller line source type panels couple to the air better and I'm sure you will love them.

    We love ESL porn so please post pics when you get your new speakers up and running!

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    Welcome aboard, Dan... Glad you found us and please keep us posted.
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    Dan, welcome, my condolences to the recent tragedy in your Country

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