I've recently bought some new Aerius back panel assemblies to replace mine which aren't working properly. I hadn't realised that they are from a later iteration of the speaker and are wired slightly differently: on the existing units the panel wiring is via a connecting block on top of the audio transformer and involves only 3 wires, 1 to each stator and 1 for the HT supply to the diaphragm. On the new units there are 4, with an additional yellow wire coming from the crossover. From what pictures I can see on the web it looks like there are 2 blue wires going to the front stator, connected individually to the light blue and yellow wires. Does anybody have any thoughts on whether it's OK to just wire up as before (i.e. ignoring the yellow wire) or just add a jumper to the yellow if they go to the same place, or best to not chance it at all? Link to a picture of the new assembly below.