"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" 1963 is one of my all time fav movies, camp, fun, trashy one liners. Who can say if this bio is true or not? I loved it!!

Two of the best of the old school broads (both strong Aries females too boot), going head to head at the end of long careers in a sad story of love/hate.

Susan Sorandon stole the show just like Bette Davis. Back in the early 1980's my buddy Pat and I saw these wonderful nightgowns in a SA thrift store, I said we have our Holloween costumes dude!! We went to the local medical supply store and got a wheelchair...I borrowed my Mom's fuzzy slippers, white powder and lipstick...

The club was 4001 on the corner of Throckmorten and Cedar Springs, right across from JR's, the dance floor was elevated in those days with 6 steps, Pat was Blanche and of course, I was Jane . We waited till the crowd was close to the frenzy stage ('80's, drugs rampant ).

Then I struggled up the steps with Blanche in the 'chair', wheeled her sorry a$$ to the center of the dance floor, the DJ went right into Dead or Alive's "Spin me Round", Pat/Blanche spun like a top while I cackled on the sidelines. Someone handed me a glass of bourbon, no ice...magic!! You can't make this $hit up folks