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Thread: System #03 (CLX 25th Anniversary)

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    Default System #03 (CLX 25th Anniversary)

    Ken Scollick


    CLX 25th. anniversary edition Purchased May 2009

    The Cd Player is a Wadia 781 iSE with the GNSC Statement Modification

    I also added the Wadia Ipod dock this is a great little item for casual listening, the sound quality is quite remarkable even at the lowest sampling rate. plus it has the cutest remote looks like a supersize chicklet.

    Amps are Krell EVO 400's

    And of course the Speakers are CLX's Without a doubt the finest Speakers I have had in my system

    All cables are Synergistic Research At the advice of Ted Denny I elevated all of the cables with some homemaid myrtle wood blocks

    Tesla T3's on the Speakers
    Tesla T3 on the SR Quattro
    Tesla Hologram D on the Wadia
    Tesla Hologram A's on the Krells
    The Interconnect is a Tesla Apex Balanced
    Speaker Cables are Synergistic Research Tesla Apex
    All of the SR cables are powered by A Quattro
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    Nice Pics Ken! Makes me wish I could upgrade to a larger pair of MLs! What's that Poindexter dude doing there- Just kidding! Maybe you could submit a CD review! Thanks for the support and welcome aboard the new site!


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    Default Nice System!

    Wish I could upgrade to a larger pair of MLs! Any upgrades down the road?

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    I think the next upgrade is to get rid of the big box between the speakers. I would like to get a couple of tube traps.

    I am really satisfied with all of the components, but may try some Synergistic Research speaker cables.

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    I was in the same situation as you with the "box" in between the speakers! I sold my TV and I have to tell you I'm glad I did my soundstage and imaging returned once again. Nice setup there!

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    Very very nice! Martin Logans, Krell and Wadia all add up to one thing, awesome sound! Great pix BTW.


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    who did the IEC mod on the Krell for you? how is that working out?

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    Hi Ken,

    You have a great system there. I just wanted to pass along a suggestion Bernard gave me that worked wonderfully which you could apply to your system.

    I have ASC tube traps also and Bernard suggested to put them directly behind each speaker with the absorbtive side facing the speaker to absorb some of the rear wave. This made a great improvement. I need to take new pictures to reflect the change.

    Put on a revealing peice of music you are familiar with and move the traps from the coners to behind the speakers.John Fo and others said to absorb some of the rear wave, they are totally correct and this won't cost you any money. Hopefully the traps in your picture are 16" or more.

    Cheers, Greg
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    Hi Ken, Do you feed the TV through your CLXs? Thanks

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    moon sorry for the late reply I really hadnt thought about damping the back wave as it is essential to a dipole speaker. I will give it a try.

    ptjedi no connection between the TV and CLX's

    also no thoughts about a sub after living with the CLX's I really dont feel the need, the bass is sufficent for 99% of the music I listen to.

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