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Thread: System #504 (Expression ESL 13A)

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    Default System #504 (Expression ESL 13A)

    Member Name: Michael McCarthy

    Location: WI

    ML Model(s): Summit X's, 2-Decenti i's, Stage X, 4- Vanquish

    Year Purchased: 2010 - Initially Definitive speakers/surround

    Mods/Changes: 2014 - Shorter support brackets for the Stage X so the speaker is slighly below the bezel of the Panel - the std. bracket was too high for this setup.

    Associated Electronics: Current state: Pioneer Elite (Kuro Plasma 60" panel, SC-05 receiver and Blu-ray) plus ML Summit X's and Decent i's

    Much of the above current state speakers were in the Pub Music Room (Summit X's and Decent i's) (Member system #503). They replaced a Definitive speaker surround system I had purchased earlier along with the receiver, panel etc. (This setup replaced a Bose system) - Just needed to add some more ML's (4 Vanquish and a Stage X). My plan was to update the electronics when I felt it was time but later. The criteria to determine the timing was when OLED 4k, ATMOS and HDMI 2.0 settled in. I had the original system since 2010 and liked it so much particularly the panel so I was not in a hurry to upgrade. LED's came along with 3D and then more recently 4k. My son will be getting the Panel and Pioneer receiver along with some Nordost cables and a AQ Vodka network cable which should be a great start for his surround system.

    Updated pictures will be coming soon!

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