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Thread: System #503 (CLX Art)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timobi View Post
    Mike has dual 212 ML subs. To be blunt, he has the best bass I’ve EVER heard. Ever. I am a bass freak. But hate bloated bass. Mike has his subs dialed in so good its scary. I knew the subs were highly rated but was not sure. Wow. Nothing like bad bass to take away from the sound. Of course Mike worked hard on placement and the wonderful ML Arc Software. Its perfect. If Martin Logan were smart, they would send potential customers to hear Mike’s setup to see what the payoff really is. Best bass and best bass integration I’ve ever heard. I have a pretty rich audio background as well but I was blown away.

    We listened to music all day. It was a joy & an eye and ear opening experience. Mike has acoustic panels and treatments to make his CLX and other gear truly shine. In football terms, Its like he gave his QB, the best Offensive linemen and receivers he could. That makes the QB better. Same with his room. The detailed thought process of the acoustic treatments and placement was something I’ve just read about but never really experienced. I can say IT WORKS.
    Thanks Tim for all your kind comments! Its always nice to get first hand comments from another person who is passionate about 2 channel music.

    Before I get into some additional comments I just want to say from my count there have been 179 people that looked at this post yet no comments. There was plenty here to comment on either positive or negative as long as its constructive right? Isn't the forum for this type of communication??

    Concerning Tim's bass comments - if the bass is not right it just throws the whole sound off - either too much or too little is so true but it was a journey for me. My story is what I call bass creep for the lack of a better term.

    I started with Summit X's with no subs. At first they sounded OK. This was my most recent good system and first electrostatic's so total sound was so good the bass took awhile to feel it needed help. So I added two Descent i's and that really helped. However over time no matter how I adjusted them the bass was not right in my opinion. Still way better but lacking. I then made the move to the CLX's and 212's all at once. Shawn told me how great the PBK worked and without hesitation said that has got to be the answer. Well I got to tell you that made a HUGE difference in the bass performance! Yet then again over time I became to hear things that were much more minor yet still an issue. I knew I had some good equipment and probably one of the best subs to integrate not only to the speakers but to my room so the only thing left was acoustical panels.

    As Tim has commented on room treatments they certainly have made the difference between good bass and great bass. Let me also say that the whole sound got better but in particular, it seemed at least for my room, to impact the bass the most. I can't say enough about treating your room. In my case I did it more by ear and not real scientifically as others so more then likely more can be squeezed out. My ears have served me well yet who knows what the future will bring. For those that can add to your room some treatments I would do that next before purchasing any more equipment or cables its that big of a change.
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    Yeah I would have thought there'd be more comments too. This is a good place for feedback and for learning from members. Its good to see back and forth responses. Believe it or not, its so helpful to read other's thread contributions.

    Mike has good ears and like he said, sometimes you gotta go with that and let your ears be the judge. A computer graph can tell you how its supposed to be based on x's and o's BUT sometimes let your ears be the real judge. I'm experiencing that myself with DACS.

    Yeah I am selling my new 13a's and buying the CLX Art from Shawn. But room treatment is next. SO important. Wasn't really a believer until I heard firsthand what room treatments can do.

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