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Thread: Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night.

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    Default Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night.


    Fleetwood Mac.


    Tango In The Night.



    CD Label:

    Warner Bros. Records Inc.


    Blues rock, British Blues, pop rock, soft rock.

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    A great recording. Receives a value of 5 from 5. One of my favorite artists and album that played fantastically well through the CLS. This album includes music created by instruments and vocals.

    The music is great and receives a A+. I still enjoy listening to this album and frequently play this album. I have heard nearly all their albums and IMHO Tango in the Night is their most musical, artistic and imaginative album. There are total 12 tracks in Tango in the Night.

    The following tracks have excellent music substance and sound great through CLS and Motion 15:

    Seven Wonders.
    Tango in the night.
    Little lies.
    Family man.
    Welcome to the room…Sara.
    Isn’t it midnight.
    You and I, Part 2.

    My favorite track in this album is Track number 6, namely, Mystified. Three reasons why i like this track. First, it is well recorded. Second is a nice composition of drums, guitar, piano and female vocals. Lastly, I also like listening to the romantic words sung by female vocalist.

    The following track has average music substance:

    When i see you again.

    The following track has below average music substance:

    Big Love.
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