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Thread: Enigma - the CROSS of changes.

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    Default Enigma - the CROSS of changes.




    the CROSS of changes.



    CD Label:

    Virgin Schallplatten GmbH.


    World beat, New-age, down tempo, electronica, experimental.

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    The sound quality of this album is excellent and receives a value of at least 4.5 from 5. Recording is dynamic, detailed and clear.

    The music is super. Still listen to this album once or twice a week. Music receives a value of 5 from 5. Like the previous Enigma album ( MCMXC a. D.) this album too was very popular in Pakistan. Fans of occidental music in Pakistan really like Enigma’s unique sound. This album includes 9 tracks.

    The following tracks have IMHO excellent music substance and audio quality is super:

    The Eyes of Truth. ( Love the soaring female vocals in this track. )
    I love you . . . I’ll kill you.
    Silent Warrior.
    Age of loneliness ( Carly’s Song ). ( Love the soaring female vocals in this track. )

    The following tracks have above average music substance and audio quality is very good:

    Second Chapter. ( A introduction to the album ).
    Return to Innocence.
    The Dream of the Dolphin. ( Lead up track to Age of Loneliness).
    Out from The Deep.
    The CROSS of Changes. ( Track providing closure to the album ).

    IMHO no average or below average track in this album.
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