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Thread: Eric Clapton - Pilgrim.

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    Default Eric Clapton - Pilgrim.


    Eric Clapton.





    CD Label:

    Reprise Records, a Time Warner Company.


    Rock, Blues.

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    This CD has a good recording. Acoustics receive a value of 4 from 5. The sound is transparent, detailed, dynamic and clear. On the second track, namely, River of Tears, I can hear reverb on vocals at 8 separate stages.This feat performed by Motion 15 and medium end Denon amplifier and budget source and cables.

    The music receives a value of 4 from 5. There are some really good tracks accompanied by few average tracks. I no longer listen to this CD frequently. However, when I first heard Pilgrim at an audiophile friend house the music impressed me. I then bought one for myself.


    If you are a Eric Clapton fan and therefore enjoy listening to Unplugged then chances are you will prefer this album to.

    The following track has excellent music substance and excellent audio quality:

    River of Tears.

    The following tracks have excellent music substance and good audio quality:

    My father’s eyes.

    Fall like rain.

    You were there.

    The following track has good music substance and excellent audio quality:

    Sick and tired.

    The following tracks have good music substance and above average audio quality:


    One Chance.


    Born in time.

    She’s gone.

    Inside of me.

    The following track has average music substance and above average audio quality:

    Needs his woman.

    The following tracks have below average music substance and average audio quality:

    Broken Hearted.

    Going down slow.
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