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Thread: Bryan Ferry - Flesh + Blood.

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    Default Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood.


    Roxy Music.


    Flesh + Blood.



    1999. Digital remaster.

    CD label:

    Virgin Records Ltd.


    pop rock, glam rock, alternate rock.

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    Recording of digital remaster receives a value of at least 4.5 from 5. Dynamic and clear.

    The music receives a value of 4.25 from 5. This is a Roxy music album. And therefore the music style is slightly different from Bryan Ferry albums Mamouna and Taxi. The style is quite different from Boys and Girls. Is fun to listen to. Couple of great tracks in Flesh + Blood. I rank this album below Mamouna, Taxi, Boys and Girls and Avalon. Avalon ( 1982 ) was created chronologically close to Flesh and Blood ( 1980 ).

    The following track has excellent music substance and excellent audio quality:

    My only love.

    The following track has excellent music substance and above average audio quality:

    No strange delight.

    The following tracks have above average music substance and above average audio quality:

    The midnight hour.

    Oh yeah.

    Same old scene.

    Flesh and Blood.

    Over you.

    Eight miles high.

    Rain rain rain.

    Running wild.
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