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Thread: Bryan Ferry - Boys And Girls.

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    Default Bryan Ferry - Boys And Girls.


    Bryan Ferry.


    Boys and Girls.



    1999. Digital Remaster.

    CD Label:

    Virgin Records Ltd.


    pop rock, glam rock, alt rock, new wave, sophisti-pop.

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    The recording receives a value of at least 4.5 from 5. The sounds in this album are clear, dynamic and have presence. Details can be heard but not much background or delicate sounds because I make use of a medium end integrated amplifier. I would imagine a separate power amp and pre amp would bring more detail to and increase intensity or provide audible visibility { imaging } to the music background.

    The music is inadvertently tailor or custom designed to suit my taste and receives a music value of 5 from 5. All tracks are fun to listen to. Total elapsed time of CD is 38 min. and 29 seconds. Absolutely love the track “A Waste Land” and “Windswept”. These two songs are a precursor or a taste of delights yet to arrive in the future in the form of two albums, Taxi and Mamouna.

    The following track has excellent music substance and excellent audio quality:

    Stone Woman.

    The following tracks have excellent music substance and above average audio quality:

    Slave to love.

    Don’t stop the dance.

    A waste land.


    The following tracks have above average music substance and above average audio quality:


    The Chosen one.

    Boys and Girls.

    The following track has average music substance and average audio quality:

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